This odor-beating trash can seals and refills its own bags

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FFS. More plastic and metal and energy consumed just to save me having to twist the top of a binbag. Can’t be arsed to click through and check but presumably I have to press a button to initiate the self-sealing bag function. Can someone design a remote button presser so I don’t need to do that?

It’s all over folks. The last one left on the planet won’t need to turn off the lights.

ETA and once I did click through, nowhere does it say how much replacement refills cost or where to get them. Yet another lock-in to a supplier, no doubt. No adversarial competition here one suspects. You’d think BB of all places would be promoting products that don’t lock consumers in.


Soo… a Diaper Genie.


Our trash smell problem has been more or less solved now that Vancouver has municipal compost; removing organic waste from our trash is a gamechanger. We just use the Costco wax-lined compost bags (like 5-10 cents each in bulk) and drop them into the bin on the way out to the bus every few days.

Keeping the compost bags on the floor in a flowerpot tray keeps them aerated and they don’t (usually) leak.


Calling all pets! :smile_cat:


I love the idea but Keurig should be viewed as a warning from folly not a blueprint towards it.


What a crapgadget. This is the exact sort of thing Boing Boing would mock mercilessly if they weren’t selling it themselves.


A fancy Diaper Genie.


Thank God I’m in the clear and don’t have to buy this crap gadget. Big ass beard FTW.

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According to their website, you can buy the rings (it’s a whole mechanism) in three-packs for $20. Each has, I assume, 25 bags. Making it only a little more than 2.5 times more expensive than comparable drawstring garbage bags. Which kind of surprises me, as I’d expect it to be at least five times as expensive, given that it’s a captive market. (But I guess paying more than a buck for a plastic garbage bag would have hit a threshold that would be intolerable for most buyers.)


My thoughts exactly. If it can really shut up the smell of dirty diapers, there might be hope for it.

Back in the 70s, with a house with 4 kids, my Mom bought a trash compactor from Montgomery Wards. The theory was that rather than bringing out the full trash bag daily, this device would compress a week’s worth of trash into a single small bundle. What she didn’t count on is the weight of the compressed bundle was exactly the same as a week’s worth of trash, and was too heavy to lift into the outdoor trash can. I do remember putting glass bottles in, pressing the button, and listening for the bottles to explode. I think the unit lasted all of 6 months before it ended up out by the curb itself.


(In a Monty Python-esque accent)
Well we had it tough. When i was a lad we had to compact our kitchen trash with our bare hands. When we’d cry because we cut our hands our dad would say “Toughen up, ya whinging tosser! And it’s already 6:30! Get going or you’ll be late for your job down at the Mill!”


We have a small plastic container about the size of a milk jug for our kitchen rubbish. We use empty bread bags as liners. It gets tossed out after about a day and a half so there’s no smell.

Although we do have to tie a knot in the bag by hand when the bag is full. Still not going to spend a shiat-ton of money to avoid that chore.



Also, what in god’s name are you throwing out in the bathroom that needs an odour- remediation garbage can system!


At last, a trash can that my dog can open.


Oh, may you be born female in your next life, and have a normally-functioning reproductive system, live long enough to attain the age of menarche, and be lucky enough to live in a place where period products are available to you, and may you have enough money to buy them :smiley:

Seriously, sanitary napkins (period pads) or tampons…even though it may say “flushable” on the packaging, don’t believe it, especially if you live in an older house.

(Actually, the first sentence was mostly serious too.)


Anyone stupid enough to buy one of these bins is gullible enough to pay that much for refills. There’s a sucker born every minute.

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Oh, right. My apologies. :disappointed:


No, you’re right—my apologies to you. I didn’t pay attention to the “garbage can system” wording in your post, sorry. I just went right to what I knew about needs for odor-remediation. It definitely doesn’t need a special system like this, though, does it—just normal housekeeping; you are right.