Ethics of Poop


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So, this one has me thinking… I there an “officially sanctioned (as in you won’t get booted for what you say) bitching about moderator behavior” thread anywhere on these boards?


I’m not going to boot you for “bitching about moderator behaviour”! That’s what this is for:

If you want to take issue with moderator decisions, that’s the place to do it (or, PM me if you’d prefer).


Nope; gripe at your own risk.


Less a bitch and more a joke. I recognize when a thread gets too shitty.


In case anyone seriously wants to talk about this topic:

I generally agree with @Missy_Pants that if in your city trash bins are public, I can’t see someone arguing aginst using them for Dog Poop. It’s bad enough that dog owners everywhere seem to be just fine letting their dogs do their business literally everywhere there’s a green space, even on the sign our building has that says “Please keep your dogs out of the landscaped areas”. Our building has had to patrol the quad because so many dogs were using it that the grass started to die from the PH level change.

So, if you’re going to pick up after your pet, then yes, put it in the trash or compost or whatever! Just don’t Trespass to dispose of it.


Personally, I am ecstatic people are picking up after their dogs.

I am just happy there is no raccoons spreading garbage all over my back yard.

So I may have a low bar.


Seems like a reasonable standard to me.

There are people around here who seem to think that their obligation to carry their dog’s poop ends when they get to any vaguely unoccupied land. Personally I would rather find an unwrapped turd by the railroad tracks than one in a bag.


Little different in suburbs vs. urban vs. rural.

But any setting, there is a place you can put it to either dispose of it or make the flowers grow.


It’s urban. There’s a section with weeds and gravel where I just kind of let my dog do whatever she wants off to the side (basically in the weeds where no one will walk) and then there’s a section further up that’s basically a strip of grass between the tracks and a warehouse where people seem to think it’s ok to leave literal sacks of shit around.

Don’t get me started about the people who let their dogs off leash.


And it’s no problem when it’s a full(-ish) bin; there is a problem when it’s a freshly emptied bin, with a flimsy bag hitting the hard bottom, where it will be for a whole week, stinking things up (even worse than they need to be).
So, we listen for the trucks and rush to drag the bins in as soon as pickup has taken place. Seems a reasonable behavior to me…
We’re not ordering people around or telling them what to do with city property, we’re just moving the bins back out of access… If someone gets one in before we can pull them, then fine, we lose (and yes it’s losing, considering the wall of stink I get punched in the face with if I open the semi-sealed lid after just an afternoon of such a package waiting like that).
There definitely need to be more public disposal methods, maybe ones specific for this purpose, though.
There’s already talk of getting people to not put them in any garbage period, and the suggestion that dog owners take the bags home and empty them into the toilet (which city-sanitation and parks board people here in Vancouver were trying to float as a serious proposition) just seems like a bizarrely unrealistic thing to expect of people, but then we used to think that about nobody smoking indoors…


Oh no. Don’t let my mother in law hear about this. We give her so much shit, er ridicule, about the fact that she pooper scoops the yard and brings it indoors to flush it.


This is definitely an issue thats important to me. I just dont get it. I dont get why so many people get away with leaving their dogs shit all over the place. I dont get why its ok for dog shit to be found everywhere in poorer neighborhoods when we stopped the practice of tossing human waste out of windows. I dont understand why it is generally better in rich neighborhoods. Why are drug possession laws so diligently enforced in poor neighborhoods when dog poop laws are utterly ignored, and vice versa in rich neighborhoods?

Dogs generally do not need to be concerned with treading my kids shit. Why can my kids not say the same?

And as for disposing of it in street trash cans, Im not sure why refuse collection workers didnt strike about this years ago.


Probably because:

  1. If it wasn’t in the can it’d be on the street
  2. They have to deal with worse


There is one school of thought that suggests enforcing poop laws in poor neighborhoods will encourage all around good behavior.


One thing I found strange on the other thread was the proprietary attitude people have over their garbage cans. If the trash can is at the curb for pickup, and someone’s pet’s poop is wrapped, it can’t hurt you to have them toss it (or other small waste) in there (before pickup, obviously), and letting people use your can that way is part of the social contract. Moreover, in many parts of the US you don’t actually own the bit of land (verge, berm) where the can is sitting, so get some perspective.

Likewise, while it is possible to teach your dog to excrete on command (and even hold it in briefly), not many people do it, so expecting people to not “let” their dog go on your lawn is not realistic. You can certainly expect them to use their leash to limit the dog’s activity to the edge of the lawn (or, better, the verge, which remember is probably not really yours anyway), and to pick up any solid waste.

(I trained my last dog to go on command; she was the first one I’d raised from a pup, and a book I had said it would speed up housetraining. I don’t know about that, but it was certainly her weirdest party trick.)


Ethics of Poop

Second-gnarliest Metallica album ever!


People have reasons why they don’t want your dog’s poop in their bins. When you ignore those reasons, you’re being a lazy, entitled, arrogant asshole.

The social contract is being a responsible dog owner means taking care of disposing of your dog’s shit yourself, not foisting it off on someone else just because it’s convenient. If you can carry the crap home when it’s not trash day, you can carry it home when it is.


[quote=“M_Dub, post:19, topic:103153”]
People have legitimate reasons why they don’t want your dog’s poop in their bins.[/quote]
Such as? Assuming it is bagged, the bin is curbside and waiting for pickup, what exactly is the harm?

Ignoring that request is being a lazy, entitled, arrogant asshole.

What request?

not foisting it off on someone else just because it’s convenient.

Nobody is suggesting “foisting” it on a person, only sticking it in a box on the street that will be emptied in the immediate future.