I like this Instagram feed of handwritten, passive aggressive parking notes

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I don’t think I’ve ever done that, although I’ve been tempted a few hundred times.


Much better than a note, I think, is the car that warns you when you’re getting too close. A friend and I were once waiting to be picked up in a parking lot and every time someone drove by one car would say, “Protected by Viper! Stand back!” It didn’t take long for us to start walking up to the car just to get it to play its message.

A few years later I walked by a car that played short rap songs warning people to stay away. It sounded like the owner had written and recorded them himself. The downside of that is it just encourages people to get up close to your car.


NB “pavement” in BE = “sidewalk” in AE.

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I liked the parking stub/permit that had “Reg: Asshole” printed out.

Am I the only person who double checks their parking to make sure they’re not being an a-hole? I mean, it only take five seconds to check the other side. (I miss my old Passat’s right side view back up mirror…sniff.)


Oh, that was you?! I saw you get out of your car the other day.
There was plenty of space, thank you.


That note does double duty as grammar-OCD bait. Which is worse, youŕe (yoúre?) as a possessive or quotation marks for unironic emphasis? Discuss.


You’re so very welcome. :innocent:

I think he/she was just trying to make sure correct grammar is being used, that it kind of backfired?

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That was great but i don’t understand how they managed it without paying.

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Is there really such a shortage of parking spaces that being a nasty rage asshole is now approved behavior?

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[quote]Do, NOT PARK
Youre Car
lıke. AN ASS
AGAIN “DICK”[/quote]

So just plain wrong possessive with some funky punctuation and capitalization. Love it!


What’s more chickenshit than fucking with a man’s automobile?!


I’ll let quotes-for-emphasis slide, especially with folks old enough to have learned to type on typewriters. It’s outdated by several generations but it’s not as bad as using the wrong word.


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I mean I get it, I’ve never left a note and this instagram feed seems to implicitly defend the shitty parkers.

It’s kind of funny these people left passive aggressive notes, although that’s really the only thing they can do? I don’t know if I’d quite call it passive aggressive. Passive aggressive usually indicates someone takes a less direct stance on aggression when they could be more straightforward. If it’s your only option I don’t think it’s in the spirit of passive aggressiveness.

I just feel like the parking jobs that warranted these responses were in all likelihood really bad (especially the can opener one).


Is it still considered passive aggressive if you leave them a note, just before penning them in so they can’t move their car out of your driveway?

In winter?

I got one of those notes, verbatim, in Houston around 1983. The one about the can opener and taking the bus, only it was handwritten and stupidly spelled. Alas, I could not respond to tell the driver that I parked where I was because that was the only available spot in the entire student lot, which had been restriped to jam more cars in.

On a lighter (and tangentially almost not unrelated!) note, I once got in my car in the same lot, and it wouldn’t start. I was puzzled, and then alarmed when I realized it wasn’t my car! The key was similar enough to let me in, but not to start the car. I may have been blushing as I hastily stepped out and looked around guiltily before slinking off to my own car.

It’s really too bad my key didn’t work. There’s not much way it could have been a worse car than mine, at the time.

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Yea, I thought the same thing, those notes are just aggressive. Passive-aggressive would be the note saying, “There would be room enough for everybody to park, if everybody parked within the lines,” with a little happy face.

Looking over all the notes, I realized the writers really want the readers to feel ashamed and mend their ways. And it’s not going to work.

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