Ethics of Poop


Yes, that’s basically it. The dog owners are too lazy to put the poop in their own bins, so they feel entitled to put it in someone else’s bin and justify their laziness by saying, “I don’t agree with, care about, or respect the homeowner’s reasons for not wanting my dog’s poop in their bin, so this social contract doesn’t apply to me because I’m special and different.” These people are called assholes.


When I get a leer I just holler 'Don’t put the kettle on, we’re not stayin’!"


Because surely your neighbor is perfect, and your horrid beast a mark on your character de facto


Ah, that’s cute. I wish I’d thought of that. Nothing disarms alpha-male braggadocio like cutesy folksiness.


Two points: Here in LA at least, the green bin is the wrong bin for dog crap. The green bin is for compostable yard waste. Green things. Not for dog crap, not for any random crap you imagine is ‘biodegradable.’ (And no, it doesn’t go in the blue can, either. It’s not recyclable.)

Your local rules may vary. Best to check them

As for putting dog crap in my (Black! Not green!) bin, I’m fine with that, IF THE TRASH HAS NOT BEEN PICKED UP YET.

If it has, please please PLEASE don’t throw bags of dog shit in my bin where it will fester in a hot sunlit black bin for a week - ESPECIALLY if you use “biodegradable” dog-poop bags. Those things biodegrade in the heat in a matter of a day or two.

Dog-poop bags, even the non-biodegradable ones, are made of the thinnest possible disposable plastic. They pop if you look at them sideways. And then my trash can smells like fermented dog shit until next week’s pickup, and probably afterwards unless I wash my can.

Chemotherapy makes it really hard to deal with nauseating smells like fermented dog shit. One good, solid whiff can provoke an hour of dry-heave vomiting.

And the arthritis and nerve damage I have makes hosing out the garbage bin a really painful chore.

So you might want to take a careful look at what you imagine is an ‘appropriate’ bin - not everyone is A-okay with their bins smelling like dog crap until next week.

If you can carry the crap home when it’s not trash day, you can carry it home when it is.

Being a responsible dog owner means taking care of disposing of your dog’s shit yourself, not foisting it off on someone else just because it’s convenient.


I really don’t get why this angers people so much. I used to have a problem with people not picking up their dogs poop or even they would bag it and just leave it on the ground for me to deal with. Then, I started to leave my cans by the sidewalk (just because I’m lazy). Dog poop and garbage started going into the trash instead of being left on the ground. I call that a win.


It was good to see an attempt to actually answer ‘Missy_Pants’ question.

I’m inferring, from a comment M_P said about not going onto property, there is only a specific window the action of putting full poo bags into a bin one does not own:

  • It is garbage collection day. The wheelie (in the UK) bin has been moved from the property to the curb, or somewhere else for collection.
  • The garbage has not actually been collected yet.

Therefore, why would anyone care? Indeed, I’m not sure I would even know unless I happen to spot somebody doing it to ‘my’ bin. The trespassing dog poo is going to be in that bin for a maximum of 6 hours.

Putting poo bags in a bin that is after being emptied, not on the collection day but the bin is still accessible to passers by, actually on your property, yes, that would not be a good thing and would pass the problem of what to do with the waste onto someone else.

The moment the bin is taken from my property to the curb (normally the night before) to the moment I bring the bin back in, completely empty, I doubt I would know anyone had done it.

Unless, of course, some of the smell can transfer.

I wouldn’t know, mine has poo from my own dog. And, yes, I do bring it home and put in my own bin on the odd occasion I have been nowhere near specific, public, bins for dog poo.

People who don’t pick up dog poo at all? Shoot on sight.


See, look at all these reasons!!

In Toronto, we put pet waste in the green bin, we make bio diesel from it.

I would never put dog poop in the black bins! Thats for Garbage only! And the raccoons get in there! Its bad enough with garbage everywhere, I would hate for there to be poop too!

And no, I’m not leaving poop to fester, I did specify up thread that its on garbage day only, and only if he bins are out, I’m not going onto anyones property!

But as for the next three points, this is also a thing I don’t understand… because I don’t hose or wash my bins… I never have. I mean yes, see above point re: raccoons, but on a regular basis… no. Everything is bagged, the bin itself isn’t dirty.

Considering we’re talking about poop that is already in a bag and I’m already carrying it, gonna go with “responsible dog owner” thanks. :wink:


Well, like I said, I’m fine with it IF the can hasn’t been emptied yet.

If the can HAS been emptied, deposits emplaced before I get around to hauling the cans back in will fester until next week’s pickup. That’s what I object to.

And I don’t usually wash my cans - not unless someone’s biodegradeable dog-poop bag pops open and smears fermented dog-shit on my can.

Then, and only then, I wash it.

But those are my objections. Other people may have others.

That aside, I’m unclear about why you seem to think that objections that you don’t understand aren’t valid and can therefore be ignored.

“I don’t understand” is a statement about your failure to understand, not about a failure in someone else’s reasoning.

Besides, does it matter whether you understand? Isn’t it enough to understand that they do object and, therefore, as a respectful neighbor, to carry your own dog’s shit back to your own house just like you do on all the other days?

How is this even worth arguing about? Why not just give the cranky neighbor a disdainful eye-roll and move along to a different can?

(Maybe even your own can, just in case other neighbors object as well, but haven’t made an issue of it. That’s what I’d so. Just seems like basic civility to me.)


I’m not arguing? I was asking questions, looking for insight from the people that do mind because I don’t mind, and thus on a fundamental level I just don’t understand. I’m not trying to change you mind, just looking for insight. Sorry if it came across any other way.

From the many times its come up on my neighbourhood FB group, it seems split pretty equally 50/50 people that have welcoming bins and those that are angrily opposed to the idea. I think we need stickers, so as to identify the bins of those of us who don’t mind sharing. :slight_smile:


I don’t really get the “Don’t put your trash in my can.” thing.

In the 100F degree July heat I don’t need your dog’s poop festering in my trashcan - I have a toddler for that. And you may well double bag and neatly seal that poop, but someone at some time hasn’t. That means fresh dog shit all over the inside of my bin…so as a general rule no, your trash goes in your can.

When I lived downtown I’d have people drop half empty cans of beer in our recycling. It didn’t matter if they were literally on the street picking it up, because now there is beer all inside my recycling bin. Same goes with poop, at some point it is going to get on the inside of my can.

What I really don’t get is the blatant disregard for other people’s opinion. If I say don’t do X and you do it anyway - that’s what my 3 year old does, except I can’t give you a time out. Here I have a bag of shit filled diapers I can leave in your bin, they’ve been fermenting in our Ubbi for a few days so it should only take a few hours for the inside of your bin to smell like Satan’s asshole, but that’s cool right?

(It’s like people who eat in your car when you tell them no…last time you are riding in my car.)


My only issue is that some people don’t close the bags first, so when they throw them in someone’s bin, the poop can (and does) fall out, making a stink that has to be cleaned up.

I feel the same way about people who throw half-eaten open food containers in my recycling bin. (Yes, more than once. Fortunately not for a while now.)

If you’ve completely encased the poop so that it cannot get out and there’s a bin sitting outside waiting to be picked up, then sure: use the bin.


Don’t really feel I’m the one passing judgement here… but sure, I’ll play.

As I said upthread, it comes up a lot, and the people that oppose it do so almost violently, whereas the people don’t seem not to care at all, I’m just curious as to the source of the vitriol. If someone does something you don’t understand and demands you respect their wishes are you not curious as to their reasoning?

No…? And I’m not sure its a failure on my part when the people that object to poop in their bins so violently fail to explain why they don’t like it. You were the first person to try to explain, for that I thank you, prior to your comment we had a whole thread of objection with nary a reason why, I found that curious is all.

In general, I do, as I’ve explained upthread that I’m not leaving poop to fester, that I’m not going on peoples property, etc. I do comply. Its just so interesting to me that this subject inspires such a reaction, and it does every time its brought up, on every forum I’ve seen it brought up. Sociologically fascinating! :slight_smile:


I got that from someone a couple generations ahead of me. I suspect that generation lost sweat to things more worth sweating over, and tended not to when it wasn’t.


If the poopster ever returns, I’m picking up a bunch of scotch bonnets, grind them up, then…


Organic only, remember. :wink:


As is making a narrow exception and insisting the existence of the exception is somehow winning the entire argument.


That’s a good idea. In the Netherlands you can get stickers for your mailbox which specify which kinds (of two choices) of junk mail you wish to receive. Poop could work the same way.


Like I said upthread: if the garbage hasn’t been picked up yet, go ahead. But if the garbage has been picked up, that means it’s going back in my apartment with your dog’s decaying poop in it. I don’t have anywhere outside to leave my green bin during the week.

That’s why I mind.


Oh I get that, I was specific, I would never leave poop in an empty bin, or go on anyones property! Despite all the hyperbole, I’m not actually an asshole! :wink: