NY public dog park hijacked by over-entitled locals


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Geez, he really used the word “barknerships”?

Barknerships seems like one of those words that isn’t spoken aloud ever, like “lol”, or “pwned”, or “voldemort” or even “President Donald Trump.”

Also: Christ, what a bunch of hosers.



“We were quite happy not having Parks involved all these years,” said DOOT board member and leader Shirley Jaffe in an email.


Another member said, “No one wants this and we plan to push back.”



Dog Parks are all mobbed up.


I just came to gaze upon the greatest gif in gif history…gifstory, I suppose. It’s magnificent.



Can’t wait for Cory to write a short story about this where DOOT is a band of plucky neighbors carving out a community from the bulk of a cruel, totalitarian state.




"we plan to push back.”

How? Do they have a private army, too? It’s not like the city will trust them again with operating the dog park, given that they turned it into a tyranny.


This story can inspire many treatments. The hijackers’ dogs can be anti-LGBT and averse to LGBT dogs who might want to crash their party. Or space aliens. Some way we’ve got to fit in space aliens.


I’ve listened to enough Night Vale that dog park stories apparently always sound in my head in Cecil Baldwin’s voice, and I find myself disappointed by the lack of bloodstone circles, portals to other-worldly desert dimensions, and requests from City Council that you not enter the dog park or speak to the hooded figures.


I think dog parks fall under the NYC Parks Department. That plus already existing rules (pooper-scooper, rabies shots, etc) theoretically ensures that the Tribeca gang don’t have to be saddled with ‘operating’ the park.



Dog people. Like horse people, they are incomprehensible to other humans.


Don’t you love it when somebody explains what “everybody” or “nobody” thinks?


That might work.

The non-profit DOOT raked in $83,000 in “membership dues” through 2016, according to their tax filings. They claimed to use the doggie dough for upkeep, such as pressure-washing the blacktop three times a week, maintenance and repairs, insurance and supplies such as poop bags. Money was often left over after each year, the filings show.

In ten years the Parks Department never came around to see that the park was now closed off and padlocked, and never received a complaint.


Those occasions make my anus tighten up.



This isn’t a case of it being dog people… I think it’s a case of entitled people trying to what they see as the “riff-raff” out of a public space.


Same here.