Idiot instantly regrets trying to kick a dog


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HA! That’s what you get, sucka!



What is wrong with people?
I mean. Jesus. Christ. And all the apostles (or whatever).


Not enough video games, probably. Then they’d know what they have coming.


Good Dogs… Fetch that bonehead and enjoy your treat.


Why would you want to kick a dog? Makes my blood boil …


Because there weren’t any harp seal pups available?


You know, Burke, I don’t know which species is worse. You don’t see them fucking each other over for a goddamn percentage.



The only appropriate end to this video would be a seal jumping out of the water and biting him on the ass.


Dogs On The Beach: Fenton’s Revenge.


Oh, but this made me happy.


This runs though my head all day. Damn you, sketch comedy.


Dog kickers are (obviously) the lowest of the low, but was this guy really trying to kick the dog? I thought he was just running at the dog — to play with it, to chase it away, to spook it? I don’t know. But he didn’t look like he was trying to hurt the dog. If he was, fuck that guy.


He was auditioning for Trump’s cabinet.


It almost looks to me like there is a pack of dogs on this beach…

Which makes the dog kicking choice not just cruel, but approaching a Darwin Awards level of stupid.

Why the hell would you antagonize a pack of wild dogs :question:

Also, if you do, head straight for the water to maximize your survival chances.


And please don’t come back.

(The prodigal dog-kicker, not you.)


Watching the video definitely pissed me off and i’m glad the dog wasn’t out there alone, otherwise who’s to say that the douche would’ve stopped trying to harass the dog.

Fuck that guy


People suck. I’m more of a cat person, but I’ll happily side with the dogs over assholes every time. It reminded me of this little bit of instant karma.


I gather it’s a quick way to build up some evil street cred, you know, in case people might not take you seriously as a villain.

Probably doesn’t work as well when you end up running away, though.