Woman reports a black man to the cops because his dog humped her dog at the park

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Humpy Harriett?


Dog-Park Donna


Too bad there’s no hint when this happened.

Red Rocket Rachelle


“I accuse you of allowing your dog to be a dog! How dare you, sir!”


I read the headline and read it as “woman reports black dog for humping her dog”.

I’m not sure which is worse, criminalizing someone because they are black, or racializing dogs because they are black. I do notice a lot of those graphic “no dog” signs seem to show black dogs, looking a lot like labradors.

Pokey and I notice every afternoon that some people can be quite snooty. All he wants is to meet and interact with other dogs, yet some people walk past without ever noticing him (and sometimes the dogs act the same way). Others cross the street, or pull into a driveway, making me feel that they think pokey will eat their dogs or something. He’s just big, that doesn’t make him bad. I know he doesn’t get along with a dog from time to time, but I know when that is. I’d be horrified if he started a fight, and embarrassed on the rare occasion when he tries to hump another dog. Every so often a young pup tries to hump him, the blatant sexuality is a bit much, but nothing’s going to happen.

Dogs are dogs, they still have some level of being different from us.

So it’s always nicer to come upon dog owners who appreciate that dogs want and need interaction with their own kind. Pokey’s even happy to see dogs at a distance. Some of it doesn’t make sense, but I’m not a dog. He gets all excited, from a distance, then close he seems more interested in the nearby bush. When the dog moves on, he watches, almost thinking “but we had no time together”. (One time we saw a pair of police horses, and he looked the same way, I figured he was thinking “look at the size of those dogs”.)

When he has time with his cousin, a better picture reveals, though he thinks the cousin as a guest should take a secondary roll. And the cousin doesn’t worry much about his personal space, while he wants it, and is less likely to step on the cousin.


Where is race a part of this incident?

Asshole dog owner calling cops is all I see.

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While we don’t see him. The man holding the cell phone is black (I am presuming there is corroboration or evidence of this elsewhere) and the insinuation is she would not have called the cops if my dog was jumping hers?

I’m with him to say “dogs jump each other all the time” and “this isn’t something to call the cops over”. I can also understand the statement from them about “you can’t let your dog be aggressive to other dogs”

So there is potentially more for us to see/hear about on this. Was his dog more aggressive than just jumping? If his dog was a terror then calling the cops (animal control) would be appropriate. But we certainly don’t see any dogs being that kind of aggressive on the small bit of footage.

I’m inclined to believe she was making a stink because she’s an asshole AND because he was black. Whatever percentage of each is debatable.

Edit. Read all JUMP as HUMP. Autocorrect sucks.




Clearly the actor was the most successful. He’s still getting attention!

The other two guys barely managed to commit any hate crimes.

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It is clearly winter time.

IDK I’m not a dog owner so perhaps I’m missing some sort of unwritten dog park etiquette for these kind of doggy PDA events. (Shrugs)


We used to go to the very busy dog times at Prospect Park, and dogs all humped away with each other pretty happily. There was one dog though who would growl, snarl, corner dogs, hold them down by the neck with it’s teeth, and be really scary while humping them. For that experience (owners were white yuppies FWIW) I would be interested in more information, but until then I feel ok leaning toward racist caller because ooof, that just seems more statistically likely these days (all days, since forever?) IME than overly-aggressive humper.


wow… a real life Pluckrose/Lindsay/Boghossian moment…

The “lady” is afraid she’ll end up with bi-racial puppies.


I think the Freedom Singers had a song about this situation. Pity that so little has changed in over 50 years. (more lyrics at the second link):

Dog, dog, dog, dog
My dog a-love-a your dog
And your dog a-love-a my dog
And my dog a-love-a your dog
And your dog a-love-a my dog

I’m talking about a black dog
I’m talking about a white dog
I’m talking about a coon dog
I’m talking about a rabbit dog
All them dog, all them dog
All them dog, Lord, Lord, all them dog a-love-a my dog

And then why can’t we sit under the apple tree
You won’t walk with me
You won’t talk with me
Well, why don’t you hold my hand
And tell me you understand
Now, can’t you see that you and me
We’ll be so happy
Sitting under the apple tree


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You’re kidding right?

You heard her friend’s accent. And she says on the phone “Attleboro dog park.”

This sure looks like the place:

I can’t tell if racism is necessarily her driving force, or if she’s just someone who acts like they own the park (not that I’m defending her either way.) This Yelp comment (from yesterday) sounds like it could be addressing this very incident:

“Watch out for the crazy lady who calls the police if your dog goes near hers!! Place is nice but the people are nuts! They need to regulate who can go. Very disappointed.”


Either works, tbh.