German shepherd alarmed by sudden disappearance of owner

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Poor dog. But it makes sense that the kind of dog owner that can’t even be bothered to put his animal on a leash would be the kind of person to play mean tricks on his dog. I bet he’s real fun to be around.


I dislike German Shepards…but POOR DOGGO!!! don’t do that to the poor guy. BAD OWNER! BAD!



ADDENDUM: Replaced menacing face-on Ivory with ludicrous leg-splayed Ivory.


I had a dog that didn’t need a leash. Sometimes we’d each take a’hold of different ends of a big stick and walk that way, but it wasn’t really necessary.

I’d buy a can of dog food every night and have them put it in a separate bag and he would carry it home.

He was a good boy.

And he looked a bit like Fabio.


That is a very handsome GSD indeed.


Yeah, a GSD is a good dog.
I dislike the way that they show them with their hips low.
That’s not the dogs fault.


That’s how you train bird dogs. You sit in the tall grass when they go out too far and wait. They don’t like that feeling of losing you and will learn to stick close after that. Some times. Some dogs just don’t give a fuck and are like, “I am free! I am going to fuck up ALL this shit!”


I was attacked by one when I was 4. My apologies for having been permanently scarred by the experience to the point that I do not trust them in the slightest; despite being a lover of all other dog types.

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Fido, from the Latin for “faithful.”

(EDIT: oops, thanks @SheiffFatman.)


Wow, YouTube wanted me to watch a 1:20 ad before seeing a 49-second cute dog video.

And to think I used to complain about six minutes of commercials in a 30-minute sitcom…


Adaware. It’s a requirement.


Actually from the Italian for “faithful”, or from the Latin for “I trust”.



Those low hips are what amounts to a deliberate genetic defect. My rescue-GSD Ivory has weird hips and squatty rear legs from over-breeding; hopefully it won’t cause troubles later on.


I have played “disappear” with Ivory at the local dog park.

Even when playing with other dogs she very much wants to know where I am. I’ll duck behind a tree or a trash bin and peek around to see how she reacts.


Yeah, I hope not as well.
I’m aware of the breeding. I still think that the dogs are trained to “show” with their knees bent.
It’s not a strongly held thing, I could easily be disabused.
I hope that the way the dogs look when posing is not the way they look all the time.

We’ve a brindle Pittie very much like that one.
He doesn’t have his business though.
And, he’s an old guy now with less tail wagging and more gray and hesitation.


Never happen with my Pointer, she’s got a schnoz on her.


Come on - from this 50 second video you deduce that this guy is an arse? For playing a trick on his dog? I’m not saying it was the nicest thing to do, but it’s not like the dog is scarred for life. Maybe if he kept the dog going for several minutes. If the guy is that much of an arse, why would the dog care if he disappeared?

I understand your beef with the leash - I feel bad for the dogs but you never know which dog (or owner) is going to get threatening (and don’t get me started on people who say “don’t worry, he’s friendly”). However, it’s entirely possible he unleashed the dog for this 50 second clip, and that he normally has the dog on a leash. And even if he does let the dog walk unleashed all the time, that alone is not enough to make somebody a jerk.


His dog seems to like him.

But clearly he is trying to humiliate his dog in a public place. What a dick, right?

@spetrovits, what “kind of” of parent and citizen do you suppose he is?

I do this to my dog. She then clowns me right back. Dogs are awesome.