Ammunition vending machines come to U.S. grocery stores

What took them so long?


Yeah, I asked the same questions. I think the source might be this Newsweek story:

The CEO of American Rounds, Grants Magers, told Newsweek that there are eight machines installed or in the process of being installed across four states.

The first machine to be put in was at a Fresh Value grocery store in Pell City, Alabama.

Four have since been installed in Super C Mart locations in Oklahoma, and one in a Lowe’s Markets in Canyon Lake, Texas.

Another one is due to be installed in a Lowes Markets in Canyon Lake soon, and another is being placed in LaGrees Food Stores in Buena Vista, Colorado, Magers said.

“We have over 200 store requests for AARM [Automated Ammo Retail Machine] units covering approximately nine states currently and that number is growing daily,” he told Newsweek.


@beschizza what are you doing whiling away your time at Boing Boing? Write a screenplay already! :sunglasses:




If someone gets frustrated at this bullet ATM does it have the right to stand its ground and shoot back?


America is using the Fallout series as a roadmap to the future.

This seems more GTA(though AmmuNation was full storefronts rather than vending machines) than Fallout.

Fallout-'Murica must certainly have had lots of guns for them to still be so readily available after 200 years of hard use and extremely marginal industrial recovery; but the depictions of the prewar tend to skew heavily toward massive military and national guard buildups (certainly with plenty of civilian sporting weapons; we’re god-fearing red blooded Americans here); rather than extreme levels of civilian armament or police militarization(just plain martial law, with actual military doing policing, definitely, also internment camps and sinister human experimentation; but the actual police stations you see look like they remained in Norman-Rockwell-and-sidearms-only until the bombs fell, with some limited exceptions that you aren’t actually shown, but can infer from the fact that the NCR got all that prewar riot gear from somewhere and Joshua Graham picked up a Salt Lake City SWAT-marked ballistic vest).

It also seems worth noting that Vault-Tec considered Vault 34’s “copious guns and let’s see what happens” design to be one of their sinister social experiments; rather than “Tuesday”.

“We have detected you are attempting to steal from this vending machine. Dispensing product at high speed. blam Theft deterred.” :worried: :cry:

I thought about this, and at first thought this may lead to some impulsive behavior… but there could be an exploit here. Imagine if the only LEGAL way to purchase any ammunition at all would be at one of these machines, exclusively with a debit card that must be registered to specific person with a legal ID (and their face is scanned during the payment process to check) and they are automatically checked for gun licenses and felony status, which guns they own (to limit buying ammo for other peoples guns) maybe limits on purchasing over a set amount each year (“I need 8000 rounds for uh target practice”), and I would really like each bullet to have some kind of chemical markers that could identify at a crime scene whom the bullet was sold to if recovered. Want right to bear arms? How about complete bureaucratic accountability, treat guns and ammo like narcotics, deadly objects only distributed to people that are willing to be responsible enough to accept that what they are purchasing can kill someone, and if so they WILL be held personally accountable if it happens.

Black market ammo would likely become normal if this ever came to be and some people would start rolling their own - but they can do that now anyways at least this would make it even harder for them and it would also give authorities the right to seize peoples unregistered munitions.

Now, I will start holding my breath until this happens.

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That was an oddly specific and strange choice for your theoretical situation, considering it is a long discontinued training rifle, and not one that these gun nut psychos would think was “manly” enough to use for a mass shooting.

I presume they’re semi-automated ammo dispensers. Fully-automated ammo dispensers would be illegal…



USA is very gun sick. And seems to be nothing can change that. No president can change that, no protest can change that, no mass shooting can change that. Being able to buy an assault rifle but not a beer, and having a daily mass shooting is the new normal and no one is surprised anymore.

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What sort of rifle might a boy who steals his mom’s concealed carry and forget about ammo have immediate access to that Looks The Part? Right there on the basement shelf next to dad’s urn.


Honestly our relationship with the republican party in this country reminds me of munchausen by proxy.

I don’t think single shocking things tend to change that. In fact, if I had to guess they likely just make the dysfunction more dangerous to the victim.


There are more people working to change it than people fighting the change. As always, it takes longer to fix things than to break them.


Just what we need, more ammunition smh

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