An 8-bit accordian made of Commodore 64s

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Another delightful creation, however suspect the form it takes…

I couldn’t help but laugh when he said commodordian. (missed a d in the name/link in the article)

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This made me extremely happy!

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So fun!

(Is pumping the bellows actually necessary? Does it matter?)


Yes actually - toward the end of the video he discusses the physical build and method of operation. The bellows suck/blow air through a hole which has a microphone placed next to it. The signal from the microphone is used to adjust the output volume of the commodordian.


I am so glad my world has things like that in it. An extra respectful tip o’the hat to the fates for putting it in my world, but not too close.

Imagine touch-typing with both hands simultaneously strapped to keyboards which you can’t see, while pumping the keyboards apart and together to power the whole thing. Now imagine designing and building such a device.

I’d have gone with the name commocordion if for no other reason than to confuse the uninitiated into thinking it’s a term for a kamikaze accordion player.

So much more of his works here:

For instance, this little bit starting at 9:10 I turned my C64 into a Theremin (with a spoon, a clamp, and six more components). - YouTube

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