An Animaniacs parody of the Thundercats

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Animaniacs are a GO!


I can’t decide if the lyrics being “Eighties Cats, Eighties Eighties Cats” over and over again is just phoning it in, or a sarcastic acknowledgement of how this bit is designed as a total nostalgia bomb for its GenX showrunners. Or both.


i never got a “phoning it in” vibe from anything they ever did. If it seemed like it, it was intentional, and they were hanging a lampshade on it.

This is a deliberate mocking of those horrid, vapid, unwatchable kids shows of yesterwhen.


What? Did you ever watch Thundercats? Snarf could go to hell, but Mumm-Ra the ever living was terrifying as a nine-year-old ( I was nine, not Mumm-Ra)


I’m older than that. I never made it through a full episode of any of the “action” shows; none of them ever showed me they had quality writing. Maybe it’s because they tried to play things serious so the 9-year-old boys would be terrified. They may have had their moments, but all I remember of them was bad dialog, minutes upon minutes of repurposed action animations as filler, and heavyhanded moralizing at the end. I also don’t remember my kid being interested in those shows, which I’m sure has a lot to do with it.

I do remember some cartoons he watched that worked hard to entertain the adults as well as the kids: Rocko’s Modern Life and Fairly Odd Parents come to mind; some shows were absolutely brilliant at appealing to both audiences.

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Being a fan of Rankin Bass versions of The Hobbit and Return of the King, I immediately recognized the character details as part of the same animation company.

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Wasn’t the actual theme song mostly “thunder, thunder, thundercats”?

in fact it’s an almost frame for frame

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