An Apple-1 computer hand-built by Jobs and Wozniak sells for $400,000

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15% return, not accounting for inflation (about 3.5%).^(1%2F46)&oq=(400000%2F666.66)^(1%2F46)
If you instead bought Apple stock in 1981 and held it to today, that’s 20% return.


I’m shocked it’s going for so little.


Seems like a steal. Great investment.

Like buying Action Comics #1 for $400K


What a rip off - you can’t even play Doom on it!


I remember the Apple ][ being a rather impressive piece of engineering when I got to study it as part of my high school job as the repair guy at the Byte Shop in Tucson in 1978. The serial numbers were up to 3500 when I started.
The Apple 1 is more similar to the M6800 computer that my older brother and I built in 1977, but it’s rather advanced with its MK4096 DRAM memory. Us regular folks used the 2102 static RAM, much easier to comprehend.
Woz was a very clever young dedigner.


B.S.! The original Apple computers were hand built… with stolen parts out of Commodore PET computers!!

FACT! Check out the serial numbers on the CPUs.

Yeah, that’s right. The entire Apple legacy is built on a lie and stolen hardware.

The Apple II used so many clever tricks to save on hardware. Why use a separate disk controller when you can use the processor? Want color? We can fix that, 7 bits are pixels, and the eight shift them half a pixel, which on an old TV resulted in a shift in color.


So it used the 6502, that proves he stole it out of PETs? It was the cheapest chip available, why would he buy PETs instead of a cheap chip?

Commodore owned the 6502 by that time, so I guess Atari stole them out of PETs to make the 800?

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