Watch: Steve Wozniak on the early days of Apple, and the Apple IIe computer



that’s a mighty fine accordian

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I worked at the Byte Shop in Tucson in 1978, when the Apple ][ first came out. It was an amazing machine compared to the competition… the guts were so simple yet so capable.

You can imagine how nice it felt for Steve to return the favor by wearing my Nixie watch.


Christ, Steve, don’t hold the solder in your mouth.


We love the Woz! Thanks

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Great, brilliant guy. His book I Woz is highly recommended.

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1983 was the first time I used an Apple ][.
1988 I got an Apple ][gs (Woz! edition)
1993 I got my first Mac (Quadra)
1998 First iMac
2003 Second iMac
2008 first mac mini
2012 second mac mini

So, 1,000 dollars every 5 years. 200 dollars a year for a totally satisfying virus-free (in my life at least) computer experience.


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Mine: … :wink:

To bad he doesn’t make new stuff like his old days. :frowning:

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