An auction for Rolly Crump's "Museum of the Weird" art from the Haunted Mansion that never was


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Looks like a ton of stuff that was on display at the “It’s a Cute Story” exhibit. While I’d like to see some of this stuff go to a museum (the original facade for it’s a small world! The original tiki concepts for the Tiki Room!) I can understand that Rolly’s kids probably don’t want to hang on to things like his “shit” rock forever. There’s a jillion things here I’d love to have but very little I can remotely afford!


Regarding the smoke Marijuana poster. I bet you a Disney Dollar that while Walt did laugh at it…he was laughing at the " Imported by: Wetback and Company" tag.


It would have been funny if Crump had used a brick from the batch of 3/4, 5/8, or 1/2 scale bricks used to build the first stories, second stories, and third stories respectively of the buildings on Main Street USA to write SHIT on. :grinning:

The auction catalog (pgs 12 & 13) shows that painting on rocks was a thing with a couple of Disney animators in the early 1950s and Crump thought he’d give it a try as well. There may have been a resurgence or rediscovery of river rock painting in the 1990s or early 2000s among arts and crafts types because you can find books showing how to do it today.


I like that his Shit Rock is described as being in “very good condition with little wear”.


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