An excerpt from Souls, Light and Wings, a debut novel by Simon A.G. Spencer

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My first book, Souls, Light, and Wings has just released and I’d like to share an excerpt from its first chapter. The book is a bit hard to describe along clear genre lines, but if you pulled my arm or asked me nicely, I’d call it a post-apocalyptic fantasy crime thriller. Kind of a mouthful, right? I originally just wanted to write a more traditional urban fantasy story, but one chapter in and I found myself so bored with the world I’d built that I wanted to destroy it. So I did. The story follows a pair of police officers on a journey across an icy wasteland in search of a way to return a strange magical creature to his own world, while being pursued by a vicious criminal. Featured in this story are shapeshifters, train cults, an oblivious demon, kaiju, and plenty of other oddities. Please enjoy:


A fantasy story with a difference! A compelling mixture of magic-and-monsters and the gritty realities of life in a snow-bound world. Well worth the read.

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