Free ebook! Charlie Jane Anders' award winning debut novel "All the Birds in the Sky"

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Unfair to ostrich-Americans.


Sorry, but Magic and witchcraft and such is NOT “Science Fiction”. Call it Fantasy, then I am fine with that, but there is damn little SCIENCE fiction being written anymore and that is a darned shame.

Ok, Rant over.

OMG I loved this book. Do yourself a favor! Jump on the chance! Read it today!

Soz mate, Science Fiction has always had fantasy elements, since, like, forever.


Have you read it?
‘Cause it kinda’ is.
Prefacing it’s genre with the word “hard” would be a mistake, but still.


A “Parliament of Birds” has classic precedents in being about about certain convocations of politic birds:

Rheally? That’s Emuzing.

“This offer is only available in the US and Canada”

So if you’re NOT in the US or Canada you’re SOL.

I can’t download it at all. The site appears to be down. Is it working for you guys?

I was able to download it. The link killick posted has them send you an email with the download link, which they sent a bit slowly but which worked when I received it.

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It sends me a long link that says it’s unable to connect. Is it connecting for you?

…unless you say you are in the US or Canada.

Listening to All the Birds several times for my book club I went from liking it to hating it over 4 or 5 listens. If you liked this book do not reread it.

This book is about 60% fantasy and about 40% scifi. It’s an interesting mix.
Although normally I wouldn’t bother making the distinction between them (it’s all SFF), because once you start saying “this is scifi, but that is fantasy” you start running into problems with different books. Anne McCaffry’s Pern books are mostly written in a fantasy ‘style’, but they’re technically set on a colony planet in the far future, so should they be scifi instead? What about ‘urban fantasy’? Where does that fit in? What about Lovecraft? Horror or fantasy or scifi? Or all three?

tl/dr if you’re expecting books to fit neatly into your own internal “scifi or fantasy” categories then you’re going to be disappointed. Instead, just read them and enjoy!

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