Charlie Jane Anders's All the Birds in the Sky: smartass, soulful novel

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Pre-ordered and just arrived!

Is it better than “Among others”? Everyone said how great that was, it even won the Hugo, and it turned out to be a huge disappointment. This sounds more promising, but once burned…

I guess your taste is different than other people or…one novel has no relation to the other so I’m not sure why you’re bringing it up. It isn’t nominated for the Hugo.

Perhaps you just don’t like Cory’s taste?

I’m a China Mieville / Iain Banks kinda guy. Had a hard time finding anything much new that’s actually impressed me in a long time (Luna: new moon was great, and CD loved that, so our tastes can’t be too far apart). Halfway through the 3-body problem right now. Can’t say it’s blowing me away but it seems to be slowly improving despite the lack of style in the writing. Haven’t given up on it at least but it’s a slog.

Me too but I’ve also enjoyed just about every novel Cory’s recommended. I prefer Iain M. Banks to Iain Banks though.

Go read “Barsk: The Elephant’s Graveyard.” I finished that last night. It’s a gem.

I couldn’t finish the Three Body Problem. Got 2/3 of the way through and it jumped the shark from SF into Fantasy.

This was a real gem as well, if you like Fantasy, and it’s a $3 kindle book. It is more of a long novella though.

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Barsk eh? Looks promising. Done…on my kindle now. think i’m going to give 3 body another half hour then it’s barsk time. btw there’s no more M in the late, great Banks. He had decided to switch to just “Iain Banks” for all his novels.

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WTF man! :slightly_smiling:

Barsk seems like it is a common enough kind of story with nothing exceptional going on but it was really wonderfully written. The Sorcerer of the Wilddeeps was just so unusual in how it was written and did things. I appreciate authors taking chances and doing something new. Barsk has been getting a lot of praise.

I’m going back to “All My Sins Remembered,” which I’d managed to not read before.

I’m trying to find where I’d read the interview where he’d decided to un-M the sci-fi series…pretty sure I didn’t dream it :slight_smile: He’d decided he didn’t want to have an artificial distinction between his “literary” and “sci-fi” works.

His last Culture novel, The Hydrogen Sonata, was quite definitely published under the name “Iain M. Banks”.

Yep. Transition was published under the “M” in north America but without the “M” in UK. My understanding was that Hydrogen Sonata was to be the last “M” book. Can’t find the interview where I read that tho…

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Kindled ATBIS, about 40 pages in (SLIGHT SPOILERS?). Struggling a little with the tone, it reads rather like a combination of a YA book/ absurdist/magical realist fantasy (talking animals), an ultra-soft sci-fi (kid builds time machine on his wrist from bit of radios, spaceships built in barns) / Hitchhikers Guide-style parody; so there is an issue with suspension of disbelief. Perhaps this is deliberate; sometimes throwing everything in a blender gives you a delicious beverage, sometimes you get something that resembles mud, sometimes you get something that resembles both. Not yet sure what the result will turn out to be, so onwards…

Nope. People who rely upon sarcasm to relate to others are anything but soulful. I’ll pass.

What are you talking about or to whom are you replying?

To the headline, I would guess: “Charlie Jane Anders’s All the Birds in the Sky: smartass, soulful novel”

Aww, the poor dear made a burner account just to complain at the title.


Once I got used to the unique tone, I’m really enjoying it. It’s a bit Douglas Adams, a bit Terry Pratchett, definitely smart-assed style, very amusing and well-observed. Extremely readable; recommend.

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