An impressive collection of circuit diagrams for Arduino electronics


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The only limit is your imagination!

Dammit. You makers will keep downplaying this


An Arduino (or raspberry pi, I guess) is a great way to get into experimenting/tinkering with electronics/software, as it can produce something that is fun/useful. If this books helps promote that, I’m all for it.


Seems like the sort of thing that will rapidly become obsolete, leaving people to say, “I could do it this way, but that chip is out of production, but this replacement has a similar pinout except they mucked with the interface there, and this other chip might work but I’ll have to rearrange the entire circuit”, and so on.

It makes me think of ye olde tomes of BASIC programming listings, which were often frustrating to use, even with their desperate attempts to accommodate all the various little incompatibilities of different BASIC dialects. But this is completely different, because now there are standards, right?

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