AutoDesk announces free electronic circuit design app


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That is awesome. Speaking from the point of view of someone who only briefly tried to get into electronics and got scared after the first couple blown fuses and electric shocks.

If you’re still interested in this, consider looking at the Arduino. It’s a platform developed specifically for teaching people how to work with electronics, but it has a large and growing cottage industry around providing parts and help on using it. You can get a starter kit for ~$50 that will have you blinking LEDs and running small motors in no time, and it runs at 5v (or 3.3v) so you won’t be getting shocked.

Once you’re done, there are hundreds of kits available with just about every low end display ever made, pretty much any sensor you can think of, motor and servo control, etc… In fact this software’s primary purpose would seem to be transforming Arduino projects into something closer to a final product.

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Note that one of the things AutoDesk’s tool includes is an Arduino simulator… and in fact, it seems to be pretty clearly oriented toward developing “shield” cards that plug into the Arduino.


This is AWESOME!

I want this to have existed when I was a kid!

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