Tinkercad has a nifty Arduino simulator

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I had no idea about this capability of TinkerCAD until taking an intro robotics class at one of the local community colleges here. Until then I always thought TinkerCAD was just a kind of a poor-mans, not-very-parametric version of CAD I didn’t like to use much.

But the Arduino simulator was incredibly handy for prototyping circuits and testing programs before putting them into practice. Very useful for intro work.

IIRC it was a bit less useful for the slightly more advanced stuff, since some components and libraries weren’t always included (we used a motor shield that wasn’t present).

Still a great piece of software for the beginning user.

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From one of their tutorials, showing the premise of combining 3D modeling and circuits into one package:

cute :smile:

On the other hand, Autodesk is consuming all the tools, making them quite indispensable, while they suck up all the data. :grimacing:

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