Learn about Arduino with Tinkercad's Arduino simulator


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The graphic cad tool was ok. I am looking for a way to connect my program to the cad drawing. Did not see how to do it. My guess it’s not available. One very small step. Thanks but no thanks


There is a program or code button at the top right dont have it with me to see which of the two its called. Its super easy.


From the main page: “Program Arduinos directly in the editor using visual code blocks or text.”



I played with this a few weeks ago, and was super impressed. I believe you also can buy PCB prints from this as well.

My only problem was that they didn’t have many components to play with in addition to the Arduino boards. I wanted to lab some code for a temperature sensor rig with DS18B220 temp sensors, but they didn’t have them. I kind of thought that was the standard for digital temp sensors, but they only have a TMP36 analog sensor. It would be nice to be able to make these components myself if needed. I think this was possible with the previous iteration of this site.

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