An inexpensive home sewing kit for repairing clothes

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It’s got a real MacGyver feel to it.


It looks a lot to this 100 yen sewing set:

I expect that I will not have to buy another one in my lifetime.


I was going to say it looks like a dollar-store set, so yeah — checks out.


Everything except a multi-color set of iron-on patch material. Works wonders on kids’ leggings with the knees worn thru (ask me how I know!) The big box craft stores usually sell a pack for cheaper than this…

If youget to a certain age without knowing some basics of sewing (and cooking) likely it’s too late.

I learned as a kid, making clothes trolls. Nothing special, but I learned the basics, and after about age sixteen nobody sewed buttons back on or shortened or patched pants but me. I can’t make clotges, but I can do repairs.

Hence a kit like this isn’t much use. I’ve gotten bits over the years as needed. You accumulate over time, so a kit wouldn’t offer much. I’m still buying, I have a bigger kit already.

I.must say that dollar stores are a good source. Why buy expensive needles when you can get more for.less at a dollar store? Mkst of these items cwn be found there, even whole kits if you really need one.

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