An instant Amiga or Atari ST in your browser

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It doesn’t seem to do anything, but I probably need to tweak various ‘fuck off, I don’t need THAT bit of the internet’ extensions before it would work.

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Those Amiga “ROMs” you linked to, aren’t Amiga ROMs. That particular page links to a giant zip file / torrent of Amiga games. I had a look through the list of files in the zip and none are the Kickstart ROMs that are actually required to make the emulator work (although you can also use the AROS ROMs, which are free and licensed under the AROS license [AROS Public License - Wikipedia] - there is a button to use them right in the Amiga emulator’s hardware config page).

This however, does appear to contain Kickstart ROMs for various Amiga machines: Amiga Kickstart ROMS : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

(I am of course not advocating that you download and use those files, as I have no idea who the copyright owner is these days and who has rights to what. And I cannot of course guarantee that those are actual Amiga ROMs … they just appear to be correctly labelled as such.)

The Atari ST ROMs are odd too. TOS 1.0 was a bootstrap that loaded an OS image from floppy. I don’t know if a hard drive would even work before TOS 1.4.


I thought there were now totally-legitimate open-source replacements for the Kickstart ROMs?

Yes, the emulator even has a button to download them (the AROS ROMs) right in the ROM config dialog box. I was referring to the fact that the “Amiga ROMs” the post linked to weren’t the official Kickstart ROMs, or even ROMs at all. But I’ll edit my post above to be a little clearer.

All I get is a grey screen - not even a Guru Meditation Error :frowning:

You do realise linking to any rom is illegal? Amiga Kickstart roms are still copyright. Just saying.

Flouting copyright is a civil matter in most countries, not a criminal offence. Not to mention that just linking to an infringing site isn’t illegal in many jurisdictions.
Basically, don’t take the RIAA/MPAA propaganda to heart, think for yourself “who am I harming if I download this thing”, and if you’re not harming actual people (corporations don’t count), and you’re not making a profit off it, go right ahead.
In this case, whatever entity might now own Commodore’s old copyrights doesn’t have any link to the actual human beings that wrote those ROMs, so downloading them won’t harm anyone. (Also, there’s no possible way to buy them even if you wanted to.)

Seriously, corporations aren’t people, and you shouldn’t give a fuck what they want you to do.


BTW, the ROM archive torrent linked in the original article is corrupt.
But you can still download the zip.

Also, there has been a re-upload:

Not sure what the difference is.

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