An interesting Stranger Things fan theory (SPOILERS!)

This is an interesting theory… it would add a lot more depth to the show, I think, if it’s true…


Good theory. Very plausible. Works with the level of detail the show’s creators use.
I’ll take it as true until something disproves it or something better comes along. :slight_smile:


The idea has some merit, but I dislike overthinking my favorite shows (or books, or movies) or trying to predict what’s going to happen excessively.

I prefer to savor the story, and enjoy it as it unfolds.


I had kind of a feeling that’s where they were going with it. The way they ended season 1, I’m not sure if they’re going to pick up with the same story or if it’s going to be like American Horror Story and do a whole new story line every season.

I’m good at not being spoilered (when I’m not trying to be spoilered :laughing: ) so I don’t know if they’ve announced anything about season 2.

I’m not sure if Elle brought the monster out of the dark place or if the dark place is inside Elle and she’s able to make real things from inside her dark place. I originally thought the scientists made her by splicing alien DNA with a human (a la Alien: Resurrection). I still would have been ok with it if they had ended it that way.

I’m a bit miffed by the X-Men 3 ending. :person_frowning:


Yes, there is to be a season two with the same cast of characters.

So picking up from where it left off???


We don’t know yet.


I was working under the same assumption as this theory, despite not knowing the X-Men reference. I thought they were fairly explicit about it.


I think the writers certainly wanted to suggest the possibility that Eleven is the monster. It crossed my mind more than once while watching.

If it’s a manifestation of her subconscious, though, what subconscious motive does she have to scavenge deer carcasses—or, indeed, to abduct and parasitize Will, or to kill Barb?

The theory suggests the “completely black space” where she meets the monster “seems to be Eleven’s mind.” But the other objects she finds in that emptiness (Russian intelligence targets, and later Will and Barb) aren’t in her mind.

Finally, we never see Eleven reach out telekinetically without a resulting nosebleed. If the telekinetic part of her brain were continuously maintaining a parallel nightmare dimension, wouldn’t she be bleeding nonstop? When Jon, Nancy, and Steve manage to injure the monster, wouldn’t it have some effect on her?

(Perhaps these quibbles are good examples of why I suck at literary criticism…)


These are good points, but I don’t think they completely negate the Demogorgon angle.

Demogorgon’s two heads are distinct entities with their own goals. Those goals, of course, include the destruction of the other head.


It’s a manifestation of her subconscious - but one that, having been made manifest, is unfortunately independent.

I thought it was her feelings towards “Poppa” or whatever the director of the facility had the kids call him, the bastard.


I feel like the Demogorgon could just as easily represent the creature and Dr. Brenner, the two villains of the story at odds with one another.

Totally! It’s just, if the creature were intended as Eleven’s creation, I would expect to be able to point to more explicit connections between her experience and the creature’s characteristics. But maybe that’s something they’ll explore in season 2. ::suspense::

(Spoilers for The Babadook; if you haven’t seen it, you should.)

Speaking of manifestations of the subconscious, did anyone else find the very end, when Hopper takes Eggos out to the woods, reminiscent of The Babadook’s ending?


Who knows what evil lurks in the minds of girls? The Shadow knows!


I sincerely hope not for a couple of reasons. For one thing I’d really like to see The Duffer Brothers take on some different subjects–perhaps even tributes to other eras and/or genres, even though I absolutely loved the '80’s feel.

For another thing I feel like putting those same kids through anything else would just be sadistic.


Sure, if you lean Jungian, I’d say “manifestation of her shadow” is closer to what @OtherMichael and I meant than “manifestation of her subconscious.”


Right, but Demogorgon’s heads (Aameul and Hethradiah) are both aspects of each other and cannot survive without the other head.

Additional Cool Demogorgon Facts^TM:

  • also known as Lord of All That Swims in Darkness.
  • lives on the 88th layer of the Abyss, known as Abysm, the Brine Flats, or the Gaping Maw.
  • uh… he hangs out with Dagon?

I mean if the question is why the writers chose Demogorgon, we’d have to ask them. I don’t think the nitty-gritty of its entry in the Monsters Manual is particularly helpful in reconstructing their intent.

It’s tempting, but then, which elements from the Manual do you take as significant, and which insignificant? Or as you point out, what are the Brine Flats in this story? What is Dagon?


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