An Internet of Things that do what they're told


what could possibly go wrong??? the police are TOTALLY looking out for OUR best interests… ahem… not.


Seems like an Orwellian socierty to me :open_mouth:

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Hmmm, this is why I have my Dropbox set up to immediately back-up all media created by my phone. They can wipe my phone but I still have the data. There are ways to circumnavigate police abuse of our tech.


But the more general point is that you can only do that because your phone does what you tell it to. The more they take away the “does what I tell it to” features from phones, the fewer people will be able to engage in such circumnavigation.


Yeah, I mean, if they already have enough access to brick the phone, preventing cloud backups (possibly while having the phone lie to the user and say backups are working fine) wouldn’t be hard at all.

Does the requirement extend to all cell-capable devices? New smart watches? Cars?

As Cory has stated before, these backdoors really don’t care who uses them. Won’t it be fun when anarcho-hackers start bricking the phones of the authorities… and anyone else who ticks them off?


Oh, you want to cloud backup? No problem, you can back up everything to our cloud. In fact, it happens automatically!


Not to mention that, if arrested, I would expect it to be policy by now that cellphones are placed into a faraday cage of sorts (computer static bag or whatever) so the alleged criminal cannot then remote-activate a kill switch to delete the phone’s content.

Or the cops just beat the everloving shit out of you and skip doing anything about the phone. Once they’ve stomped your head into the curb, or put a broom handle up your ass, or just simply shot you to death, the phone isn’t much of a problem.


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