EFF guide to cell phone use for US protesters


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Maybe the law says they can’t “compel” you to say anything, but it also
says they “can’t” beat the everloving holy fuck out of you for no
reason, and look where that’s gotten us.

Compare to the government guide on the same topic:

  1. Don’t.

Everyone should know their basic rights when stopped by law enforcement. The most important rule being “don’t say anything” although it helps to be polite.
It’s too bad things have gotten this adversarial with the cops but since the courts have determined that a cop can lie to you (how do I explain that to my kids?) we have no choice but to push back with our rights.


It’s also worth pointing out that you or a friend probably has an old device with video recording/broadcasting capability. Secure wipe that, factory reset, secure wipe again if you are extremely paranoid and then either install requisite apps from downloaded apks or download from the play store using a freshly-made google account.

You now have a video recording/broadcasting thingie that contains no sensitive personal data.

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