Bust card: Constitutionally protected smartphone edition


Bad idea in this climate. Reaching for the card will result in getting shot, tasered or clubbed because you were “reaching for something”. If you say you do not consent you will simply be beaten down as they scream “Stop resisting!”.
A cop can do anything he wants to you and unless you can afford a high-powered lawyer, there will be no consequences for him. That’s reality. Rights are something the govt has.


When you are scared to exercise your rights, they have already won.


I do not disagree.


and @funruly

That is true, ultimately, but it doesn’t always go down like that.

I recently worked with two Mexican brothers, the younger one had no accent but was still noticeably brown. He was in college and was involved in the bro culture, so lots of partying. He told us about his car getting pulled over while he was driving his crew around, I forget exactly what was in the car but someone was holding something, if not everyone. The cop told him the car and everyone in it was getting searched. My friend told him to get a warrant. “Boy, I can get on the phone with the judge and get a warrant right now.” “Good,” he said, “do it.”

The cop let them go. This was a Georgia cop versus a young chicano kid. If he could be successful, I imagine anyone has a shot; of course as you say, some cops will fuck you over regardless, but in that event it’s gonna happen anyway, so you may as well try. The key, I think, was that the kid was steadfast–he knew he was right–and as respectful as possible.

also, @doctorow, I can’t find the “bust card”


Why not take the graphic and make it your lock screen on your phone? It will be the first thing the cops read.

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What people really need is an app that only shows the most innocuous apps, contacts, texts, etc. The police will think they’re searching your phone, but in fact they’re only getting a curated version intended for folks with no need-to-know.

And people need this because this court ruling will have zero effect at street level, and is only a defense against prosecution at the court level.

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Did a little lookin’…found this image used in a November, 2012 article by Violet Blue on ZDNet’s security blog. That article linked to the EFF gift shop, where the “bust card” is available as a $5 3-pack of stickers. So, apparently not a new thing, nor a card-thing, and perhaps not a thing we’re free to print and distribute at-will.

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Something like this?

B-but, there’s nothing about the Riley decision in that one : (

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Perhaps try contacting the ACLU about it and see if they can provide an updated pdf and link?

or @doctorow could put the right url in his link…

Ah, good point. I wonder what happened there?

I imagine he’s got like fifty open tabs at all times and when he was copy-pasting for the link he just selected the wrong tab or something like that. I thought maybe the article he linked had a link to it, but if it’s there, I’m not seeing it; even so, why not just link the source?

Yeah, either that or for some reason the people he linked to flubbed up their link to it, I dunno. Someone else linked to the same place saying it had a “bust card” there as well.

I would contact Cory and ask him for the correct link or perhaps ask around elsewhere.

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It’s p’bly more like, “yet another site that copies BB posts,” than “[s]omeone linked to the same place.” Notice that the hihid.co post has the same text as Cory’s post, including link destinations (and the photo attribution tag…for a photo that’s not even used in the post ; -)

yap, my bad. I don’t know where the heck that card is. I saw something like it on Google Play less than a week ago. Let’s see… digging… digging…


just saw this in the Onion’s “man-on-the-street” interview section:

“This sends a clear signal to the authorities that if you spend decades systematically eroding our civil liberties, eventually the Supreme Court will step in and defend them in a very limited and largely symbolic way.”
– Clint Bernard
– Campground Maintenance Worker