Cops need warrants to search smartphones, laptops, tablets: California Senate

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Well thank goodness somebody is thinking of the children.


Does this or does this not include “feature phones” with the smart phone?

I can’t tell if my partner’s samesang feature phone with only text and call abilities would count.

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It seems to be all they think about. I don’t want my kids going near those people.


Wait, what if the smart phones belong to the children? It’s a whole new level of meta! That’s the only place you’re going to find their naked selfies - God knows I don’t have, or want, my son’s dick pix. [shudder]

This is a California law. It only covers Apple products. You want protection for your Linux things try Sweden or someplace.


I’m going to guess that the cops will just go ahead and do whatever they want - seems to be SOP.

I mean, it’s against the law to kill people in your custody, but that doesn’t appear to stop them.


Unanimous vote, eh? Seems like they all realized they needed to cover their own asses…


The bill … violates the California Constitution … say the California District Attorneys Assn., the California Police Chiefs Assn. and the California State Sheriffs Assn.

"By proposing new procedures, the bill-- "

I’m not a Constitutional law expert, so is this saying that the cops now have to actually follow the 4th Amendment because the judiciary finally caught with law enforcement’s common practice/pattern of knowingly throwing it out the window until they were flat out told not to )? [/sincerity]

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I’m having a little trouble reconciling Following the 4th amendment of the US Constitution with “violating the CA constitution”. If I recall correctly, state constitutions may provide rights not in the US version but cannot restrict rights wrt the US.

So, if CA is currently in defiance of the 4th amendment, it really doesn’t matter what the CA constitution allows in that regard.


Don’t forget that the last time a law to this end was passed in 2011, it was vetoed by Governor Fuckstick Brown.

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