Obama asks Supreme Court to allow warrantless cellphone searches


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I didn’t know one could just ask for that kind of thing.

Sooo… What’s the best way to secure your phone, now? Is a simple passcode sufficient? Or will you have to encrypt its SD card?


Oh… You thought I was in favor of me being transparent, rather than you. Common mistake, happens all the time.


I guess this counts as more transparent than asking the FISA court, which probably said yes years ago.

Fuck that bullshit.

That’s all this really warrants.

Warrants are so pre-9/11.


Because, freedom?

Here’s my answer, NO!

If the founding fathers had meant ‘persons, papers, effects, and cellphones’ they would have said so! Also, people who go around affixing things to tangible media have no reasonable expectation of privacy.

Apologies if this is a copyright violation, but I’m gonna claim parodic purposes… I really hate having reached this conclusion.

(Though I do still think the Republican alternative was worse.)


Never take it out of the vault?

Between this, the “bored” teenagers killing someone, and the shooting at that Georgia school, I’m starting to think that global warming killing off all the humans might be a good thing for the planet overall. Jeebus, humans can be horrible.

I’m no Obama-basher, looking forward to being able to purchase medical insurance and all that, but I’m increasingly disappointed in the administration. And people. I’m in serious need of some kitties to head-bonk me and tell me it’s going to be alright. Blergh.


It probably isn’t going to be alright though. Sorry.


Exactly! Some stories make me so sick, I welcome the apocalypse with open arms! I’d personally be willing to flip the switch for our collective doom, knowing that another innocent human will never be hurt ever again.

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Yeah, I know, but THANK YOU for the kittens! And, for affirming that some humans are good and kind.


I was thinking more along the lines of

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So you’d harm billions of innocents to, ah, protect the innocents?

I understand your sentiment, I really do. But, I think this image is more appropriate:

I think this whole NSA thing is just the tip of the iceberg. What lurks beneath is a government that is profoundly broken and corrupt. It is easy enough to lay blame at the feet of Obama because “change” and “yes we can” but the power of the military and the spook bureaus is something that has been snowballing since 1947 to the point of being an irresistible force. It is a deeply ingrained mindset based on fear and the defense of freedom that has corrupted many, if not all presidents since the cold war began.

Can we give Obama some extra grief for it? Sure, why not? But I don’t see anything changing no matter who gets elected next.

Side note: That image is not from any American magazine and the main coverage of this whole story is not from any American newspaper. The so-called Fourth Estate has really dropped the ball, they are the real traitors. (ok, mb a little harsh but they are not doing their jobs)