California passes the country's best-ever online privacy law

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Now it’s time to get its equivalents passed in the other 49 states…

When Republicans control most of the state legislatures?


It’s a good model!

It wouldn’t seem to preclude things like companies enthusiastically cooperating with law enforcement, but at least it makes this a question of how much a company values your privacy and not how much “trouble” they’ll be in if they say no.

“bars any state law enforcement agency or other investigative entity”

How do I parse this sentence?
Is it

“bars any ((state law enforcement agency) or (other investigative entity))”

or is it just

“bars any state ((law enforcement agency) or (other investigative entity))”

Or, in other words, does this state law try to interfere with what federal entities do? (I hear that sometimes happens in US politics as part of the power struggles between local and federal governments, though I’m not quite clear how it works).

Speaking of privacy and cellphones, I’d like to violate someone’s privacy. Anybody know how to get a name and address from a cell phone number? I just got ripped off buying a macbook pro*, in person, on craigslist. Local PD gave me the runaround. Crazy that information that not that long ago was incredibly widely available in phone books seems to now be very hidden.

(warning: the “about this mac” screen can be modified. I didn’t know that until I got home.)

Yes I voted for Brownie in the 70’s and in the 21st century!


Great to see this happen! Here’s hoping it’s the start of a nationwide change.

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How about this.

Do you want the government telling local small businesses what to do?
Then support the Electronic Communications Privacy Act and let your local businesses choose to do what they think is right.

I expect that someone with a background in PR would be able to do a better job of persuading Republicans than I could though

Dude, they only pretend to love small business. Their idea of small is only seven owners, like WalMart.

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Do a file recovery for deleted files and see if you can find any info. You’ll probably have to mount it as an external drive on another machine, and it’ll have to be mac-specific recovery software.

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