Secret National Security Letters demanded your browsing history


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It’s troubling that IP laws generally decrease liscensee control over devices while procedures for criminal investigation like this one increase accountability for the operation of those devices.


Don’t worry, there’s no way this could ever be abused. Even under a Trump police state, I’m sure dissent will be tolerated.


Dissent implies that there is a consensus in the first place - good luck with that.


"The consensus is what we say it is, citizen.

You’re not un-american, are you?"


As a USian, I couldn’t respect authoritarians. They are always more concerned with feeling like The Boss than specifying what the rules supposedly are.

Now step outside of the bunker, and I will try to keep you alive.


This guy made my day. Good work, tireless unsung hero.


NSLs have always said “Give us everything you have on this person.”

What ISPs actually retain is a different story.


Since there’s no oversight, nor warrant needed, we can safely assume that at least 50% of these requests are “investigating” LEAs’ ex-girlfriends or highschool crushes


They could just call me and ask me what sort of porn I’m into.

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