UK government wants to send tech execs to jail for disclosing surveillance

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So, more warrant canaries?


This account has not been accessed by state-sponsored actors for [153] days.


I’m just glad nothing like this could ever happen in the US.


I think you dropped your sarcasm tags.


Unlike when they commit actual crimes (fraud, theft, insider trading, etc)?

So, if the government agencies are legally entitled to collect the data, it must then be an offence for the ISP to make any comment about it, because if a user were to ask the ISP if there’s been any such request the ISP cannot say ‘no’ if there hasn’t because as soon as a user gets any response that isn’t a straight forward ‘no’, such as for example ‘we’re not at liberty to discuss that’ alarm bells are going to ring.

Therefore we can go ahead and assume that they are watching everyone, all the time. Phew, at least now we can be sure that nothing bad happens to us ever again.

Nice to get that sorted for the start of the new year then, what next?

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I assumed everyone would choke on the sarcasm dripping from the post.


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