British spies want to be able to suck data out of US Internet giants


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“suck data out of US Internet giants”

They have my permission, if that means anything.



Good luck sucking out my data…


Aren’t we still allowed to shoot brits if we find them poking around in our persons, papers, and effects?

I’m pretty sure they taught us that in ‘civic creation myths for middle schoolers’ back in the day.


The plan seems to be that the Brits will spy on us since we aren’t allowed to and we will spy on the Brits since they aren’t supposed to. Then, they can share their signals intelligence like good little allies and no laws get broken but both nations enjoy complete surveillance of their citizens.
I can’t decide if I’m too cynical or not cynical enough.


We have better spies than you have.


oh, I thought you meant us internet giants - like you and me… mainly me.


This is a feature, not a bug. I’m kind of seeing some workaround where the US spies on Brits and gives their government the info, to avoid local legal protections (not that that really seems to be that big an issue) and their Government returns the favor.


the other intel agencies have been doing it that way for decades… why ruin a good thing? :crying_cat_face:


Yeah, I’m thinking we fought a war with Great Britain over this very thing.

The British are coming…again!


You’re not assuming that they’re doing it already, so I’m going to have to go with the latter.


That’s no doubt that’s the way that all of the “5 Eyes” countries are collaborating. That way NZ’s Prime Minister was able to bare faced lie on TV during the the last election when he was asked directly. Of course our GCSB isn’t spying on Kiwis. That would be against the law (we just have the US, UK, Oz and Canada to do it for them … ).


Please, please, please let it be true that there are laws still alowing the shooting of Brits in parts of the US. I’m thinking in one of the Carolinas, perhaps?


If there aren’t, I’m sure that a reciprocal agreement could be arranged and would be met with great enthusiasm … :smiling_imp:


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