UK Members of Parliament exempt themselves from spying law


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This post is much better than the other one!


Hey! Where did it go?


… Because of course they do.


Why you could knock me over with a feather, I’m so shocked by this news!


It’s also quite amusing that they believe GCHQ and the NSA won’t be watching them in any case.


Isn’t this amazing? Like identical twins, separated at birth!


Weird, Cory is usually the one with the pulse of UK politics… scrolls down ONE item - oh there he is…


BoingBoing Two Times, they post everything two times, everything two times.


also google and amazon


Well, of course - this is sensitive information that could be easily abused and used against them!


I’m curious, are the exempted from being in the database or are they exempted from being able to be searched?


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