UK surveillance stitch up: cowardice, meet arrogance #DRIP


“Ahh! Arrogance and Stupidity all in the same package: how efficient of you!” - Londo Mollari


Roll on September 18th.


After an attack, nothing is going to stop questions from happening. Not only will people ask “why didn’t you do more?”, but now they will also be asking “why did we lose our privacy and you still can’t stop terrorism?”.

To me it sounds like the “I’m doing everything I can for your safety” rhetoric is just more terror hype combined with think of the children drama and a dash of my hands are tied.

I understand the piece needs an angle to make the case and my suggestion isn’t really helpful, but I wonder if this is simply ensuring that today’s illegal spying is tomorrow’s legal spying?


Westminster will do me more harm than any terrorist.

MPs’ are just going to play cats paw for business and nickel 'n dime me to death as they divide up every piece of my life to feed their fear mongering.


Why do you think Holyrood will be any better?

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Smaller, my vote will be worth much more. The elected would not be as isolated from the population as they are now.


Miliband reminds me of Renton’s speech in Trainspotting, " It’s SHITE being Labour! We’re the lowest of the low. The scum of the fucking Earth! The most wretched, miserable, servile, pathetic trash that was ever shat into civilization. Some hate David Cameron. I don’t. He was born a wanker. Milliband, on the other hand, has chosen to become a wanker. He couldn’t even find a decent wanker to ape. We’re ruled by effete assholes. It’s a SHITE state of affairs to be in, Tommy, and ALL the fresh air in the world won’t make any fucking difference."

Our political environment really is in a shocking state. :smiley:

N.B. I do hate Cameron, I just said I didn’t for rhetorical effect :smiley:


Presumably if the ECJ has struck down an existing surveillance law, the answer isn’t to re-introduce the exact same law. How do we ask the ECJ to review this rushed legislation?

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I live in a Labour safe seat. My MP can do whatever he wants.

Aye, so’s mine. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hound the fucker, though.

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Cowardice and arrogance have been watchwords of the major parties for generations now – in both the UK and the US. But it looks like one of the major parties responsible for this particular business will soon be a minor one, if they survive at all.

Isn’t it nice to see different parties able to work together, and they didn’t even need an actual 9/11 to do it. It is a pity that it’s being done at the price of subjects freedom. They should just call it Homeland Security, that seems to be working out so very well in the US. Cheers

Seems most anyone in a Greens party anywhere is likely to have astronomical quantities of integrity and worth in proportion to that of the average… I wonder if/when the masses will wake up to that? I know there’s been a healthy swing their way in many places in recent times, but I can see it hitting a wall…

Because for reasons I fail to understand, a large proportion of people continue to consume the mainstream media.

BTW, this is somewhat apropos; just watched it.

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Oh, hey.

Question for the folks more familiar with the particulars of UK politics:

If a principled member of one of the three parties refuses to vote for the bill, presumably their party can strip them of membership. I assume that they remain an MP for their area until the next election though, right? Would standing as an independent be political suicide, as it is in the U.S.? Would it mean they could never get any funding for local projects, etc?

Every area is different of course, but would your average voter buy the argument from such an MP that s/he would rather resign from the party than be forced to vote for legislation without having the chance to understand it?

MPs do occasionally leave their parties, or cross sides, but it’s rare. And will usually bollix their chances next time round, aye.

The solution of course, is to simply ban fucking political parties in government.

Ever notice how much they get in the way of representatives actually representing?


Dear UK MPs, please stop being scuzzbags. I don’t know if you’re being blackmailed into making the country worse, or if you have something to gain financially by making the country worse, or if the reason is that you are scared of not doing what the other louder bullies are doing in case they get rid of you, I just want you to know that spying on your own people is shitty and covertly passing unpopular laws is the shittiest way to be a politician. If you see any colleague bragging about what a good idea that is restore some karma and smack their face (that can include yourself too). Stop making the country worse please. Your country is ashamed of you.

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