British politicians exempt themselves from warrantless spying under the Snoopers Charter


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The solution is obvious: be a Lord.


I’m sure they will find some loophole for Caroline Lucas.



I see SOMEONE read Animal Farm, and realized some animals are special.


How’s that going to work? I mean technically. How can you know that this person is one of the ones you’re not supposed to spy on, without spying on him? I’m guessing that data would have to be collected, and would still be sitting there, waiting for a leak or a hack, even if there were a rule in place that, say, hypothetically, the Welsh Ambulance Services National Health Service Trust, is not allowed to go looking at it.



Theresa May seems to have mistaken Michael Dobbs’ magnum opus for an instructional manual.


Oh, because you know what we MPs do it far more important than what the plebs are up to.


2016/17 – “The Year of the Rise of Techno-Fascism in Western Nations”



So, only spying on opposition politicians and majority members who won’t vote properly. Got it.


I hope I’m not alone in seeing that sort of thing as an invitation to hack and distribute the private information of all those exempted on a regular basis.


It would be a real shame if some private party were to do a little warrantless spying on the exempted classes.


Each day I find that I hate the rich and privileged class more and more. This hate is confused though when I look at others who are no better off than I am yet they saw fit to give power to the elite. While we may make technological advances humankind seems bent on plunging into a new dark ages period.


So, the next tactic for terrorists: become a politician first.


It’s kind of adorable how they think they have control over the monster they’re creating.


So if terrorists add a CC to a politician when sending mails to plan their attacks the government isn’t allowed to spy on them? Add enough ads to make sure it’s filtered out by spam filters so the politician doesn’t see it. As a bonus, if you are caught, you can claim he was in on the plan.

Reminds me of the event in Sweden where the police had bugged a phone in a restaurant where they suspected drug sales were taking place and to their surprise one day heard the new prime minister calling people trying to recruit ministers for the new government.


It’s not. How often have we seen politician complaining in the last decade and a half when they discover they aren’t special little snowflakes in the world of warrentless,endless, pointless mass data trawling?

But they do assume, on the basis of past and current practice, that Tories won’t be targeted.


It appears I have underestimated, “How much more shit can the world be?”


I was totally on board until I noticed that it said ‘exempt’ not ‘fuck’