Britons! The Snoopers Charter is being debated today! Tweet your MP!

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Gah. That image is an accelerating locomotive of “Yes,” right up until the last point, where it slams into a brick wall of “NO! WTF?!”


Brilliant illustration! It reminds me of Improv Everywhere, the way it makes people uncomfortable in public.

My MP’s constituency covers GCHQ. I really have no idea how that affects his approach to this and related subjects. Stronger, I think, would be the attitudes of his Party — which decries any inconsequential manifestation of the “nanny state” while blindfolding itself for the march into a prison state — and those of Westminster village, who just seem confused. Have the security services neutered all effective opposition, like a British version of Samaritan in Person of Interest?

I knew they were gonna do that when the video started. Did they get the idea from Cory? To paraphrase - we all know what you do in there but it takes a special kind of person to want to do it in public.

This should have been on boing boing on friday when people could’ve contacted their mp; the only reason i knew the debate was happening is because i’m on the don’t spy on us emailer. The debate is still ongoing and on the face of it it seems reasonable despite some obvious myopic comments. Stephen McPartland doing a particularly good job of stating his opposition and the name Snowden even came up from one labour mp.

I’m curious if they have any data on people’s reaction to the toilet stunt.

I’m not sure if it wouldn’t alienate more people than it educated. As PETA demonstrates, it’s not true that all publicity is good publicity; people who you’ve just made to look foolish in public may well take against anything you suggest, purely out of annoyance.

(Of course, it may be that the real intent was for the video, not the installation itself, to be the message piece, in which case…eh.)

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