Campaigners search Londoners' phones to help them understand the Snoopers' Charter

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to the gif bank please.


“Object lesson,” what a perfect tag.

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“Have you got something to hide?”

Fuck, yeah! I close the door when I use the bathroom, I draw the curtains before I undress for bed, I write appallingly bad poetry — I’ve got lots to hide.


“Hi, I’m a snooper. I’m not actually with the government, but if I were I’d be reading all the data on your phone right now without your consent, in the name of ‘preventing terrorism.’ How would that make you feel? Is there anything on your phone you wouldn’t feel comfortable having me, a stranger, see?”

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Tbh I think there should be terror and panic amongst the general UK populace, about a lot of things their gov’t is doing/has done.

Shit’s getting bad over there, I hear. And yet…people just go on with their lives as if the ground isn’t vanishing beneath their feet.


Probably because the ground isn’t vanishing, but something else that requires a better metaphor.

Hmm…how about “Winter is coming for the hive, and soon many worker bees will be shed”?
That’s more of a simile, though.
Or…“Cheap management bought cheap parts and cheap labor, making the theme park increasingly dangerous”?

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I totally understand the valid political point here, and I agree with it in every way. And yet I can’t imagine that between the stranger and me, I would be the one less comfortable with them viewing my browsing history.

“Ah ha! You see, here are some rather ‘naughty’ sites you’ve visited! And I see you’re a fan of, shall we say, boudoir accessories! Now how would you feel about just any government bureaucrat being able to… um… okay, let’s just close THAT tab… just any bureaucrat who could… wait, Smurf / Star Trek slashfic? That’s just… look, my point is that there have to be limits on what the police can… urp… oh, there is NO WAY he’d say that to a nun!”


Damn close to a haiku, though! Workshop it!


Now if only we could just scale this up…

Didn’t they just admit about a week ago what everyone who doesn’t have their head all the way up their ass already knew, which is that they’ve already been doing exactly this for decades?

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People always complain about their government, because there’s always someone in government trying to do something crazy. Sometimes it’s low-level stuff, and hardly effects anybody; sometimes it’s high level, and enough people are affected who are close enough to power to do something about it. Most people, everywhere, just hunker down and wait for the storm to pass, or for it to blow away in some other direction.

There’s some crazy shit going down in your country, and a lot of people who don’t seem to be doing anything about it, I guarantee it, wherever you hail from.

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