UK's Digital Economy Bill is a gift to copyright trolls, with 10 years in prison for watching TV the wrong way

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10 years in prison for watching TV the wrong way

I’m watching TV the wrong way right now.


Exactly, you dirty copyright thief, you.


You wouldn’t shoot a policeman
And then steal his helmet
You wouldn’t go to the toilet in his helmet, and then send it to the policeman’s grieving widow
And then steal it again!



The show is incredibly funny :slight_smile: sad that it ended but there’s so much great stuff in what they did make.


I think the UK is going to use this to both take further control over it’s citizen’s lives, and to jail people for this, instead of simply"resisting arrest".

in the end they will never be able to take further control over it’s citizen’s lives

They can sure as hell try.


Given that minor variations of that act have been attempted to be pushed onto us for quite a while, some of the more cynical of us believe that most of that bill was already happening, and that the actual bill was just an (increasingly desperate) attempt to legitimise it before it gets caught-out.
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I don’t think Trump and other dysfunctional politicians are “America”, I don’t think the equally awful Netanyahu is “Israel”; equally the party that just allowed its right wing to hijack it to keep them quiet is not the “UK”.
Theresa May, Boris Johnson and co. are simply what Trump would have been like had he gone to Oxford and learned, from the weekly tutorial sessions, how to talk politely and dissimulate. They have no mandate; they are the product of an internal party war and are less legitimate than Trump. Let’s not confuse them with the rest of us, please.


Also, our unelected Head of State is rather older than Trump. I think that’s convenient for the Right; were her son (or his son) to take over I suspect they would be asking May questions she didn’t like much.

Well said. I hope you’re correct.

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About what?

And when they lose power, someday, they will be just themselves.
Until then, the citizenry have little choice in the matter;
That ruling party of psychopaths is the de facto national identity in the UK.

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Telling me my national identity is that of a psychopath oversteps a boundary, I think, of polite discourse.
Most of the world lives under unjust governments. I find your reductionist views depressingly right wing, because simplifying a population to the defining characteristics of a government is itself nationalism. And that’s what right wingers want because it helps them demonise the other and provide the pretext for wars. To progress, we have to look beyond stereotypes and politicians and understand our common humanity.


About this:

I see the people here who agree with them, and hear their words where I live. Now, I know that there’s been a lot of propagandising over years and an internal hijack of the party. But I hope, that what resulted is not what we are, and that you are right that that extreme right wing does not represent us.

I like your certainty. Right now, it gives me hope.

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No. Any government is the…public facing portion of any nation. So long as it has the power to rule, it’s policies are the nation’s policies, it’s character is the national character because that government is making the decisions, and carrying them out.
If that is not you, great. Fine. But your UK is still doing this to it’s own people, regardless.

It’s not reductionist, or right wing, or whatever. It’s the damn truth that most refuse to own.
And this refusal is very, very familiar to anyone with knowledge of repressive regimes throughout history.
“Not here.” they say. “Not us.”


Or “Not my president.”


Meanwhile, does every post mentioning the UK have to be diverted into quibbling over trifles before the thread’s even begun? The topic isn’t who the thing is being done by or to whom, it’s what is being done.

If the American commentariat won’t engage without its relevancy to the US being spelt out for the hard of thinking, how about the idea that this kind of thing is something that started under Bush, continued under Obama, and will likely flourish under Pence?