UK Tories want 10-year prison sentences for watching TV the wrong way

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Ffs, Cory - the bit you quote explicitly says that the offence is making copyright content available to others when it would be expected to cause loss to the rights owner, not “watching TV the wrong way”.

Dial back the hyperbole, yeah?


He can’t.

Also, a 10-year maximum sentence is not the same as a 10-year sentence.

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It’s not hyperbolic if you read the proposal like a consumer.

Recording in any manner not approved by the broadcaster can be considered a loss.

I’m adding a ffs, because FFS!


I believe you’ll join the ranks of George Orwell when your dystopian visions of what might be are taken by the forces of evil to be a manual to work off of.

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Well, you gotta admit, that’s good company to be in; Margaret Atwood is also part of that group, for example.


And the penalty for tanking the economy based on lies?

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Could any of you on the right side of the Pond explain to this Yank what the penalty is for rape, aggravated assault, or other violent crime? Armed robbery? Embezzlement?

A fellow Yank, but I do recall one memorable case in the UK when the punishment for rape was … for the perpetrator to pay for the victim to take a vacation.

Well, now I feel bad for using Fiverr and Mechanical Turk to ask MPs to punish random things! Plus if Brexit finds love to become a real boy, the plank-walking at sea and 1 thousand days pokey (juvenile crimes: Egg Scotcher for a month, Eyre Indictor 6 days) can come and play.

lumbercartel> … Armed robbery? Embezzlement?
I don’t think they have those; Mispulchritude of Instrument and Apropriety of a District Mayor maybe. Dankest Continentiality, possibly. Also thank you for supporting the greatest variety of our work. #NotAllSheriffs

*George Orwell who lived longer and was more and more fun and encouraged as a party guest when distantly plausible things up and doubleplaused good, please; also, 210 pages not to feel like 600.

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