UK govt wants your opinion on sending file-sharers to jail for 10 years

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let’s start with jailing Cameron’s family for 10 years and see how that goes from there.


What, did the War on Drugs get boring?


What I wrote:

Hell, no!

What next, the re-introduction of the Bloody Code? Steal a car, a computer, a phone, and you have a very real, quantifiable measure of damage, easily verifiable and agreed upon. Note that you have steal an awful lot of cars and phones to get a ten-year sentence.

With copyright violation, the damage claimed by big copyright holders seems limited on the upper bound only by the imaginations of their lawyers and accountants. That the courts typically seem to take them at their word on this is bad enough; that the legislative body wants to turn copying music into a major crime that carries twice the sentence of actual bodily harm is insane.

Not to mention that the law as proposed seems wooly-minded and vague to the point that it is certain that it will be abused beyond the intent of the law. Is this what I pay my MP’s grossly-inflated salary for? To pass bad laws for the purpose of prosecuting crimes with imaginary victims? When are you guys going to pull your thumbs out of your arses, stop treating the politics as though that was the point of the exercise instead of an unfortunate necessity, and start taking your job seriously? You aren’t in that old building by the Thames just to posture, you’re there to do the difficult and necessary job of managing the lives of 60 million people. And that means doing your bloody homework!

Maybe I should go back on my pills…


Naw, you’re good.


My opinion?

That the people considering this madness are diving towards complete failure and utter irrelevance fast, as fast as the people bringing immigration down to the UK to the “tens of thousands”, for reasons that to me have similarities. Complete disregard for reality, to start.

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