BRITONS: Act now to kill the Snoopers Charter

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Who are the Britons?

From the relevant wikipedia article

British people, or Britons

It’s a joke. Look up “Holy Grail” quotes.

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My part of the brain that is supposed to remember Monty Python quotes has been repurposed for remembering Mark Thomas and Mark Steel quotes.


Well I’ll have to look them up …

Here’s a somewhat relevant Mark Thomas video

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And here’s the website for the Menwith Hill balloon tour.

Presumably all this bill requires is an amendment to the effect that only the police are able to have control over and view this stuff and that if it ever escapes that control then the police will be automatically sued for damages, credited to all those citizens exposed by the lapse. Automatic and punitive ones of course, since they will clearly wish to go to any lengths to preserve their good-guys reputation.


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