UK rightsholders use secret censorship orders to block legit sites




Oh, sure. Accountability and transparency are exactly what the terrorists want.


Somewhat interesting. But surprising? NOT.


Struggling to decide what’s worse. Bribing ISPs to do their shady shitty shenanigans behind the scenes, or bribing MPs to pass laws that’ll enable their shady shitty shenanigans.

On balance it’s more cost-efficient to go direct and cut out the middle man. So, let’s say that’s worse, and make it illegal. Force them to bribe MPs. It’s always good to catch politicians trousering.


Really it’s only a matter of time until a workable alternative internet forms. There will be multiple versions.

Because this kind of skullfuckery does my head in. What a load of trepanage.


Copyright terrorists, the most dangerous sort! If we don’t stop them, they’re going to blow up your TV series or something! THINK OF THE CHILDREN!


I agree! The internet will be a very interesting place in the years (months!?) that come and VPN services will have a more important role in this reform. Looking forward to see what happens and protecting my privacy meanwhile.


Have you ever noticed that right-wingers like ALL CAPS, while lefties prefer italics?


Go-getters have no time for subtlety or punctuation. WHILE WE FIDDLE THE TERRORISTS ARE WINNING!! DO WHAT I SAY!!! Correct grammar is also a trait of debauched liberals who clearly never worked one day in their life.


What happens when you come across italicized all caps?


Those are only used by the EXTREME MODERATES.


What do Luck Dragons use?


I’ll leave that for @Falcor, our resident Don’t Push Your Luck Dragon, to answer.


Or extreme moderators. Welcome back.


Something like this maybe?


Thanks. I prefer to think of myself as a radical moderator.


Refer to DSMV.


We just eat them


Which is odd, because italics are right-leaning.


M’head goes all splodey like.