We lost the fight for balance in the EU's Copyright Directive, but here's what we won


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"Thanks of our efforts, nobody can afford to take political responsibility for upload filters any longer. The initial arrogance of conservative MEPs has been replaced by sheepish concessions – or lip service, at least. "

Said sheepishness will last only until the next election, at which time the voting public, worn out by outrage and distracted by other things, will return the same liars to office. And then the arrogance and 1%er oligarchic ways will return even more strongly than before.

Unfortunately, the Internet IS all the things mentioned in this article. It is an Al Queda recruiting tool. It is a pornography distribution system. But so is the Post Office. Anything can be misused and abused. The internet is a tool, and like any tool it is blameless in itself and it can be used properly or wrongly. But the politicians and corporate fatcats can control the tool for their purposes, to keep others who might vote against them from using it and to pump up their profits, and that’s what they care about.


I don’t believe for a minute that those Swedes actually pressed the wrong button by accident.

It sounds to me like a lot of Europeans are going to have to do their internetting in the US with a VPN, and there’s an open niche in the market for US companies without an EU presence, who can cater to these Europeans but can’t be compelled to follow EU internet rules.


me neither. Though the order of the questions was rather confusing so they can use this excuse somewhat plausibly.

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because (Jesus Fucking Christ I can’t believe I’m about to type this) five Swedish MEPs got confused pressed the wrong button (seriously kill me now).

there was so much more, corey, but yeah, if they aint lyin this was the fuckiest fuckup in a very long list of fuckups in this ongoing needless and absurd clusterfuck.


as long as these fuckers make this not “illegal”, too.


True. Making rules about companies is one thing, but when they outlaw individuals using VPNs, you might as well be in China or Russia. At that point the time for peaceful resistance is past, and it’s time for serious insurrection.


I’m with you. They voted to please their corporate puppet masters and now are engaged in a disgraceful and cowardly attempt to cover their asses.

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