Europe just voted to wreck the internet, spying on everything and censoring vast swathes of our communications

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Well, I guess it’s time for everyone and their dog (literally) to start filing copy-write claims for everything they can think of, including short combinations of words like “hello there”.


Black out the web. Build a web spider to crawl every known website in the EU and use the automated copyright system to file a copyright violation against it. Rent some server space in Russia or somewhere else that will make it hard to shut down and wait.

Go after the media companies first, the banks second and, if you have spare time, the EU ministry offices third.


Ooh, while we’re at it, can our little spider go after the political parties’ various logos, slogans, trademarked color schemes, etc. too?


I’m sitting here in utter shock and awe. WTF! Are there really that many dark-age loyalists who want to plunge you back in? Haven’t enough heads of leaders rolled off the chopping blocks there to make them afraid of revolutions? Because I hope that’s what’s coming. Cory, your well composed fury is admirable, I wish you luck and godspeed in all these fights.


European here.
What can I do to stop this madness?


Interesting to see Doctorow, EFF lobbyist, single out lobbyists for criticism.

All I had to do was press CTRL-V because this was already in my clip board from posting it somewhere else.

And strangely enough it was just released today.

FFS. As a Brit I wonder how we’ll be affected by this due to Brexit; I wouldn’t be surprised if our politicians seek “alignment” on this as well, but without the power to vote on it.


That’s like calling the Anti-Defamation League hypocrites for condemning Nazis, or LGBTQ+ activists for protesting the Alt-Reich. It misses the point so completely that it’s not even wrong.


Unfortunately, one way or another this is going to be detrimental to the entire online world. Either the Internet becomes regionally Balkanized a la the Great Firewall of China (which the British government has already discussed emulating writ small), or Big Tech will enforce EU, Chinese and American laws globally as the price of doing business in those countries irrespective of jurisdiction, or, likeliest of all, both.


I like this approach. Create a “news” story about dictionaries in different languages listing all known words in all known languages. File against every link that uses more than one word.


I’m not a lobbyist. I spend virtually no time speaking to lawmakers, in DC, Brussels or Westminster. I did so for several years in my personal capacity, while not working with EFF but since going back to EFF 3 years ago, I’ve had virtually no contact with lawmakers (I did meet a Congressional staffer in a signing line at Comic-Con, but nothing else)


tl;dr - EU supports a new parasitic economy of pseudo-creators holding license over nearly every medium.

information age has been transformed into the information-as-property age.


That’s a terrible analogy, since some lobbyists can be good. I would support lobbyists for EFF and for Single Payer Health Care, and for strengthening SSI and increasing spending for our infrastructure. I can go on and on. I would support lobbyists who would lobby in the interests of the people who actually pay the taxes, live and die to make our society and economic engine hum, and make our lives worth living.


claim copyright on the word '‘copyright’ & ‘copy right’, as well as the symbol, refuse it’s display anywhere and sit back and watch when copyright notices get taken down…


ok can we copyright ‘thoughts about copyright’?..‘thoughts about thoughts about copyright(ing)’ …???

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The EU is apparently bored of sitting at the kid’s table.

Upload filters is the jaw dropper here. Apparently the EU thinks Zuckerberg and Facebook is small potatoes. Why not go after everybody’s everything?

Think of how much revenue the EU can generate sharing (selling) access to all of Europe’s upload data to America’s NSA, China’s MSS, entertainment and advertising megacorps, any of the multitude of international NGOs, private military contractors, petty autocrats, etc…

Not to mention the intrinsic value to the EU’s own intelligence agency, INTCEN.

wipes a tear They grow up so fast…


Hi there. I’m writing from the year 2049, and, uh, I just wanted to share with you a little episode that happened with my grandpa. Seems he had a wifi-enabled bloodstream bot swarm injected into his arm a few months back. These molecule-level bots are awesome - they go into the arteries and gnaw away at clots, clogs, and generally any goop in there that’s plugging up the pipe works. Anyhoo, gramps had been monitoring the progress of the mini-bots via a web-based, interactive, 3D immersive health dashboard thingy, when all of the sudden it went dark! Don’t worry, gramps was fine (I mean, he killed himself shortly after the blackout, but that’s another story for another time). It turns out a small graphic on the dashboard was copyrighted (doh!) and the copyright bots decided to demand removal of the graphic because the database they check against was not updated properly. But that’s not all. Turns out the 14-year-old that administers the health monitoring dashboard server made a mistake after the CR bots sent the take down and accidentally messed up the port forwarding configuration! Well, I don’t need to tell you what a mess that caused. This server has 3M users! By time the issue was discovered all sorts of medical emergencies that might have been caught early just went right ahead and happened. But the worst part? The poor company that built the dashboard app had to go out of business!