After months of insisting that #Article13 doesn't require filters, top EU Commissioner says "Article 13 requires filters"


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That’s okay, they can still have Facebook.




Considering that each country has to implement it separately, is there room for some country to, for example, make $1,000,000 per instance mandatory damages for falsely claiming copyright on something you don’t own the copyright for, and just make it too expensive to use the filters?


Does anyone else struggle to believe the ‘I pushed the wrong button’ thing? I know they changed the voting order at the last minute, but it seems like a convenient way to actually vote for the big company interest and then pretend you didn’t intend to when it’s too late…


My impression is that even if the people who “pushed the wrong buttons” went back and changed their votes it still wouldn’t change the outcome.


…thereby forcing everybody to implement a total upload block instead?


I think the big companies’ interest is just an excuse for most of these politicians. The real endgame is shutting down the free internet so people have to get all their news from approved propaganda sources again.


I have this vision of that plan getting out of hand. Every company and country just filter locking with every other country and company. And then everyone just says fuck it, chucks their phone into a drawer, buys some canvas and heads out to the countryside to instagram old school style.

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That’ll be $39.95 for a Countryside Day Pass.


And now that I am out here I just realized I forgot to crack the DRM on this smart canvas™. FML


Is it bad that I know the episode and context from just this one line?





This is yet another reason why.


Didn’t pro-brexit parties vote for copyright directive and against considering amendments to it?


Isn’t UKIP basically the only major pro-brexit party? Heaven knows the so-called “conservatives” aren’t really pro-brexit


It’s not a matter of party, it’s a matter of where you live.

Every region of England and Wales happy to leave the EU without a deal - except London

(sorry about the paywall, but the headline pretty much tells the story)


Well, they never asked me, or anyone I know, none of whom agree with leaving, with or without a deal, and we none of us live in or near London.
Only a London-centric observer could come to that conclusion.


I live in Oxfordshire, and I am certain that the majority of people in the county aren’t happy to leave the EU under any circumstances.

The irony is that to get that headline they have to use the EU NUTS 1 regions. Those regions were not used in the referendum. Also, the Torygraph has gone downhill over the last decade and are no longer a reliable news source.

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