Creative Commons: next week's EU vote could cost us the internet

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This is heinous, and if I had any friends in the EU I would be reaching out to them. I am passing all of these posts along to my US friends in case they know anyone.

That said. “Article 13”?

Out of all the numbers, that’s the one this landed on? They should have gone ahead and given it the code name of “Broken Mirror” or “Ladder Walk With Us”. “Black Cat Crossing”.

More and more our reality feels like a poorly written fanfic. Or the work of some kind of deep troll. Or I’m in a coma after a horrific motorcycle accident, and my brain is assembling this from random stuff going on around me. I always wear my helmet, so I should still have some brain left.

It’s so unreal.


anyone can add anything to the blacklist of unpublishable works, without any proof of copyright and without any regard to fair dealing and other vital protections for free expression

Just add the sites that allow adding to the blacklist to the blacklist and then there will be no way to add sites to the blacklist!

Otherwise someone will add anything and everything to the blacklist and render all digital information filtered and completely useless.

For instance, just add all youtube content back to the blacklist filter and soon enough there will be no content on youtube.

Except this will be done for everything … think for a moment what that means.
Not just you, but all your enemies. All your competitors. Everyone your annoyed with.

Scripts will monitor everything and immediately register it on the blacklist forcing it to be taken down.

Much of the copyright directive has been narrowly tailored to serve the interests of the most powerful rights holders from the entertainment and publishing sectors. These powerful actors wish to prevent any deviation from their bottom line profits by the revolutionary changes brought about by digital technologies and the internet.

Yet if everyone can add to the balcklist, then someone will add all their content blocking them.

So, even if this passes, they way its presented suggests it will self-destruct.


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That nice Mr Farage would never vote for this.

Cory, I don’t have any European friends.

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Not surprised to see this curtailment of people communication & freedom of speach being sneaked through via European Copyright Directive so quietly. It’s against everything Tim Berners-Lee gave us and why he gave it. People talking to each other is a huge threat to any government preferring to disunite people. Peace and progression of unity comes from communication. ECD will not protect Artists/Author’s work but will hinder promotion. Still time not to be silent on this

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