Everyone -- not just Europeans -- needs to save the internet from the EU's terrible copyright proposal

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Wasn’t that the theory before China’s work in the area?


Thanks for the reminder, i just wrote to mine a second time since the JURI mandate. Though two were for it and two against; it’s looking like another knife-edge vote…

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I am actually getting much anxiety from all of this. I feel fucking powerless against this being both American and not having many friends who care. God damn them if they pass this…

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Having just read (at one sitting - un-put-downable) Katsoulis’s near-future All Rights Reserved

this European Copyright Directive horrifies me.
As the book’s Lawyer-villain says: “Freedom of Speech was carefully and legally carved away in order to preserve the nation and to keep people from harm”.


U.S. person here. Done and done. Alerted at least 10 European friends to fight this. :smiley:

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