On June 20, an EU committee will vote on an apocalyptically stupid, internet-destroying copyright proposal that'll censor everything from Tinder profiles to Wikipedia (SHARE THIS!)

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HAHAHAHA they just found a way to sidestep those data sharing and privacy laws they just passed…


How long will it take to find out the law actually outlaws jaywalking and public spitting?


Scientology will be there on that one, bet on it.


There are many reasons why I want the UK to remain in the EU. This is not one of them.


“All your words are belong to us!”


Governments of all stripes hate free expression. The reason for their existence is to control the population. The Brain Police.


Is there some way to sic the copyright bots onto government websites, you think?

Fuck the EU and fuck its morons in charge. Time to simply abandon the whole fucking continent, it is plainly too stupid to exist anymore.

Jaywalking is not a crime in countries that signed the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic (most member states of the EU, for example). Outlawing it would be as bad a move as what Cory describes.


A certain conglomerate of german publishers is to the EU about what the MPIAA is to the US. They’ll always find technically incompetent or just ruthless politicians who will act as their shills in exchange for some “positive media coverage”.
Even without such agreements the complicacy is working great as both sides win: The majority of european newspapers will report in favour of those in charge and those in chare will rule in favour of “friendly” media moguls. The plebes do not count in this equation, as they will just follow the media. It’s not a miracle that Mrs Mohn who owns Germany’s most disgusting pile of yellow press is best friends with Mrs Merkel who soon will run for her fifth presidency.


We just introduced the GDPR, a clear step in the right direction and finally some good press for the EU, then this turd lands. Let’s just hope we can still block it.


comparing only to known copyrighted works is unfair to not well known copyrighted works.

all works are copyrighted. even if I’m just some hobbyist messing around with a compiler or in photoshop or posting essays online.

so the filter ought to answer “true” every time, even if it doesn’t know who the copyrighted work belongs to.


Does this mean that if I tweet every single word in every language, that I’ll get rich because I’ll own the copyright on every language?

Or just go all anarchy mode and blacklist all the words?


You sound like an American, who should probably think a little more closely on events at home before talking like that.

Of course they do. They’re fascists, and any time you see them whining about free speech it’s a self serving lie. They could use this to censor anyone they want to, even without any seats in parliament.

I think we’re moving closer to a situation where everyone uses a VPN, and all the datacenters reside in the country with the most permissive laws.


They could also be a brexiter, although looking at their history I would guess that they aren’t British.


Hey, I say, steady on, old chap. I rather think there’s no need for that kind of language.

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So it is, or is not, my free speech when I am speaking through someone else’s publishing platform?

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