These tech giants just asked US government for more surveillance; call Congress now!

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A website created 5 days ago asks for my name, zip, and email is concerned about privacy…


It’s surprisingly easy to set up a convincing, highly regarded fake online business.


Oh no. Another poorly researched THINKS ABOUT THE CHILLINS’ post from Cory. Who would have thought.

“clarify, for the digital age, the terms and conditions when our government agents can legitimately ask for data from third parties.”

“reassure the millions of international business and individuals that use US companies to store and process their data that they will have the protections of due process.”

" rebuild trust in cross-border data flows by giving standing to the citizens of our allies under US privacy laws."

“We stand ready to work with you in every way we can to promote trust in the digital economy, the software and technologies that make it work, trust in the rule of law, and respect for individual rights.”

These are quotes about the laws that these folks are asking for. So yeah…these are HORRIBLE companies. Trying to get reform of bills that are bad and sent a letter to congress asking for the reform. They actually don’t even talk about the law that Cory’s post references in the letter on the DEM SKYS AM FALLING site. But it falls in line with his documented hyperbole (i.e., lying to people) in order to get his message out. Sadly, people like Cory do more damage to the movement than he helps with this dishonesty.


The website was created by Fight for the Future, who’ve been around for a decade and were a critical part of the campaign to kill SOPA. They create a new domain for each of their campaigns, but you can verify it’s theirs by going to their projects page:


Does this surprise anyone? Snowdens PRISM leak (2013?) clearly documented that several US companies were willing partners in spying on their customers. Uncles Sam waves its flag calling all communi … ehm terrorist-haters to it’s bosom and all true blue patriotic american companies came running. After the leak swift backpedaling ensued and several of those companies publicly showed token resistance against further government intrusions to save their business.

So this thing is just round 2 of the same shit that happened before. And I thought US business leaders are a bit smarter than US politicians in regard to repeating the errors of the past…


It says what it is being used for. It’s not like you can’t read Fight for the Future’s terms if it concerns you.

They are offering to send an email on behalf of visitors to the site. Not unlike petitions, they need some personal information, otherwise it could just as easily be generated by bots. Which conveys more of a sampling of opinion - a million emails from one group, or a group facilitating a million emails from a million different people?

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I would love to help, but unfortunately Ted Cruz is my representative. I’d prefer not to ask him for anything at all, except a quick exit from his current position and a promise to never dabble in politics again.


And of course, none of the things they’re asking for would have done anything to stop the OPA leaks. Maybe a law mandating that incompetents be fired, even if they’re civil servants, would be more in order.

Those quotes sound a lot like the reassuring names attached to bills that do the opposite of what they say, like CAN-SPAM.

I trust Apple Corp and Oracle as far as I can throw em ('cause corporations are people too, amiright?)

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Eh, no. Cruz is NOT your Representative. He is your Senator, along with John Cornyn. Sorry to be pedantic, but I used to have a good Representative in Lloyd Doggett until I was gerrymandered into Lamar ‘I’‘s an idjit’ Smith’s district so I’m a wee sensitive about the difference. At any rate, both our Senators suck, altho Cruz is so bad that he pisses his own party off.

Well for one thing, the devil’s in the details. Couldn’t one bill do all those good things and all of the bad? It would need to be about one page long. And the bad are bad enough, in my opinion, to pretty much erase the good.

Also, I see the verbs “rebuild trust” and “reassure.” Is the government in the business of telling us what opinions to have? The technical term for that is propaganda.

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The specifically talked about other bills. The fact of the matter is, US companies are getting killed in the market because of support for things like CISA and it costs them money to comply. There is no benefit for them to comply nor does it make financial sense to do so. In fact, it makes more financial sense for companies as big as these ones to break the law and dare the gov’t to come after them because it strengthens their global outreach.

Again, Cory has gone on the record in lawsuits stating he is more than willing to lie to promote his agenda (or in his words, use of ‘hyperbole’). Corporations are after their own interests – which is making money, not whoring themselves to the gov’t. Supporting spying on their users is the opposite of making money. Not sure why it is so hard to actually believe anyone on this.

But then again, jet fuel can’t melt steel beams.

I didn’t use the word representative as in he is part of the House of Representatives, but I used it as part of the definition: a person chosen or appointed to act or speak for another or others, in particular. That’s why I used the lower case form of the word representative to demonstrate that, take your pedantry elsewhere.

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